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The Juice Fast: It Begins September 4, 2011

Filed under: Baby G,Diet,Rheumatoid Arthritis,The Juice Fast — arminta @ 11:08 am

Well, folks I decided to undertake a juice fast to help combat the RA and my not so great report from the rheumatologist this week (liver enzymes elevated, drugs killing me slowly, and they aren’t even the fun kind that get happy stoned)… So far so good! I even resisted getting food at a restaurant on Sat after HOURS of shopping at Jungle Jim’s (OK, not really, it just felt that way because my ankle hurt so bad and it was so packed).

When we got home from the grocery G Jr. had his dinner:

See delicious selection of solid food… Except the spinach. Spinach, it has been decided, shall only be consumed covered in cream and curry.

And I had mine:

What’s that you say, looks nasty squared? You’re right.

The color of my juice put in mind of something. A childhood memory, maybe…

Yep that’s it! Tasted about like that water, too…
You’re brave, Mama, I’ll give you that! Not for drinking that nasty juice, but for swimming in that green water!

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