Life Family and the Pursuit of Sanity

or… adventures in infertility and babies and family drama!

The Juice Fast: It Continues September 6, 2011

Yeah, so this juice fasting thing is kicking ass. And by kicking ass, I mean shrinking my ass! Which is, you know, AWESOME! It has inspired me so, that I’ve made yet another blog to chronicle it (and record my juicetacular recipes).

So, yeah, now I have three blogs (the super-secret family blog, this one and the juice one) that I will surely let languish. But, I really didn’t think ya’ll wanted to read about juicing recipes everyday in this space, nor do I really want the people searching for juicing recipes getting confused by all the baby talk. I’m so full of it, like anyone is searching for me! Ha! Well, actually, they are searching some pretty fun stuff to lang here. Maybe it’s time for another keyword salad.

If these babies can ever learn the meaning of the word NAP.

Oh, right link!


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