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Keyword Salad Yummy Yummy September 8, 2011

Filed under: Crazy Keywords — arminta @ 5:27 pm

Here’s something we haven’t done in a while! Yeah, I mean talk shit about how people find my blog. ‘Cause it’s never “I want to have a baby” or “infertility sucks” no, that’s not what brings people here. Of course not! What brings people here are things like:

  • Leaking Boobies
  • Wet Boobies
  • Big Boobs Wet Shirt
  • Breast Milk Spray

and of course

  • Spraying Boobs

Maybe I talk about boobs too much? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.


Of course boobs aren’t the only things that draw in the lurkers… There’s also:

  • MIL Drama: Of which, I’m done
  • Various variations of my name: Which makes me think maybe I’m not
  • A whole slew of unkind things about infertile women: To which I say “Fuck You”
  • My all time favorite “Fat Pissy”: Gonna guess that guy did NOT get what he was looking for here…

Of course there is more. Lot’s more. Really weird shit. Like:

  • can your boss ring the hospital to check up on you if u dont turn in for work because your pregnant and you had told him while your not in because ur in hospital
  • saga pants for sale
  • my sister has a big c***
  • toilet hygiene picture incorrect section
  • kid in restaurant “i need to poop”
  • where can i find sheep at 2am?
  • grocery store hard nipples

I’m starting to wonder what kind of perves are hanging out around these parts…


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