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Baby Boxing September 9, 2011

Filed under: Baby G — arminta @ 10:56 pm

Other possible titles:

  • Toddler Brawls
  • Fight, Fight, We Fight All Night (and day)
  • Mine!
  • My Living Room: War Zone

Yeah, so two babies of roughly the same age was hard at first (until I learned how to tandem feed them). Then it was easy for a while, because they’d play side by side, in the same room, without moving too much, but not harrass each other.

Those days are gone.

I have fully mobile little people on my hands now. And they have opinions about who should be playing with their toys. Which is NO ONE EXCEPT ME!!!!! Only, you know, it’s kind of a community toy pile. We do have two ride on toys, but heaven help anyone who isn’t Graham that tries to get on his Thomas Train. He’s takin’ suckaz down.

Suckaz = Ladybug.

Also, if your name isn’t Ladybug, you better keep yo’ ass off of her zebra!

Graham’s name isn’t Ladybug.

And I pity the fool that finds an Elmo phone, or even BOTH Elmo phones.

Elmo phones are MINE!!!!!

Folks, shit is getting real around my house! These two are now fully capable of inflicting real harm to each other, and they are hell bent on doing just that!

All too common scene in my living room these days


So, twin mommies and other keepers of multiple kids of the same age… how the F do you stop 1 year olds from fighting/biting/hair pulling/pushing each other?


One Response to “Baby Boxing”

  1. Krystal Says:

    Sell tickets?


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