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Is He Walking Yet? September 15, 2011

Filed under: Baby G — arminta @ 10:44 pm

No. No, he isn’t. And, no, I’m not worried about it.


Where is it written that if your child doesn’t walk on his first birthday he is somehow “behind?”


The average age for starting to walk is 10-14 months. I know this because so many helpful people (you know, family, friends, strangers at the store) make sure to let me know, as if they are somehow comforting me, every time I let them down by having a non-walking 12.5 month old.


Don’t get me wrong, much like crawling, it’s not that he can’t. He can, and does, until he realizes it. According to the pediatrician (not all G’s parents are as sanguine about the situation as Mommy, and decided to talk to the pedi about the non-walking at his 12 month check-up) he realizes the risk of walking (duh, falling!) and is smart enough to decide to not take the risk. He agrees that since G 1) has taken steps and 2) can stand unsupported for minutes, even bending to pick up and throw toys, he is perfectly capable of walking, and eventually will when he’s ready.


He does take more steps everyday. But, they are never in response to coercing and being called and groaning when he gets down on his knees to crawl. Because, hello!, anytime smiling baby is coming your way YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY!!! Especially when it’s the smiling baby you waited 11 freaking years for!!!! Just sayin’


Can you tell that I’m a little frustrated with the fact that it seems like everyone other than me is in a hurry to see my baby grow up faster than he’s ready? Because, he’ll never be this again. He changes everyday and every new change is great, but it’s sad how quickly he changes… I’ll never see his toothless grin again. His new toothy smile is beautiful, but I miss that toothless happy face. He’s growing so fast all on his own, why does everyone feel the need to rush it?


One day (be it tomorrow or next month) he will become a walker. He will be one step closer to independence. He will be on his way to autonomy. I’m not in a hurry for that day to come. I’m perfectly glad to welcome a crawling baby into my arms for another day (or 80)…


5 Responses to “Is He Walking Yet?”

  1. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    I know, right? Stop rushing this! Every day Ginny seems more and more like a little girl and less like a baby. It’s not allowed to happen this fast!

  2. Jack isn’t walking yet either, but a lot of other people *cough* MIL *cough* think he should be running all over the place right now. Jack takes a few steps but would rather crawl… it think because its faster for him at the moment. I’m not too worried. Jack was born early, and everything he has done has been at his own pace. I know he can, but he’s stubborne and he isnt going to do anything because I or someone else want him too.

  3. Join the club darlin!! Gremlin’s older than G is (we’re approaching 14 months) and still not “walking” with any regularity. She’s MORE than capable… just like she was capable of crawling or reaching 5 inches to grab a toy- it’s just easier to yell at mama to do it for her apparently!! She drags me around by the hand, toddling along merrily as you please- until she realizes that mama has let go of her hand. And then she sits down. She’s her mama’s girl!!

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