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Diapers are the devil September 18, 2011

Filed under: Baby G — arminta @ 1:00 pm

Yes, I am ready to potty train my 12 month old. No, I don’t think it will actually work.


Here’s the deal, when we went on vacation (in July) I didn’t take the potty chair. I did take disposable diapers. My husband changed diapers. Without being asked. That was new and wonderful! Then when we got home I got a MASSIVE RA flare-up (because RA is a dirty whore) and the trice weekly chore of diaper washing actually became a chore. So, my husband bought more sposies. And he changed them. And it was easy. And it smelled better. And… it wasn’t as expensive as I’d expected.


I don’t regret the time we used cloth exclusively. I still believe it was the right choice. I still believe it was what was best for baby and thed environment. For the first year, I even still beleive it was cheapest and cheapest overall given the length of the investment. If we have another baby, and I’m not crippled by the RA, I’ll use them again and diapering will cost nearly nothing for the first year.


That said, we have moved to mostly using disposables gradually since July. Because of the RA and because my baby eats like his Daddy, and his Daddy eats a lot of onions and garlic and his poops smell like he eats a lot of onion and garlic. I feel a little like I’m letting myself down, because I didn’t want to use disposables. But, mostly, I feel like I’m letting Baby G down. Not because the sposies are less comfy, he actually seems to prefer them. Which is why I think I’m letting him down.


I’m afraid that allowing him to develop a dependence on the diapers is going to wreck the potty progress we were making. He has already stopped signaling for poops. So, am I trading my convenience now for an extra year in diapers? Looks like it. Shit! Literally…


One Response to “Diapers are the devil”

  1. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    I know the feeling. We switched from our diaper service at 6 months, altho it was primarily a cost issue for us. I felt so incredibly guilty. But what it comes down to is what’s right for your family. Try not to beat yourself up too much. It is what it is.

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