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The Week From Hell: And the Plot Thickens September 25, 2011

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So, Wednesday, I pack all of the little ones into the car prepared for a long ass car trip. We have pick up Big C, pick up the urn then drive all the fucking way up north to the vet’s office. By prepared I mean “covered in beans and rice because we were running late.” I’m a winner like that.


So, we got Big C and he was on time for once. Yes! Finally something is going to go smoothly this week. HAH!


About 100 feet from the school I had to turn left (back onto my street) to get to the highway. I make this turn EVERY SINGLE day. Today, as I approached it, the light was yellow. There was a van coming, but the light was going to be red before she got to it. Obviously, duh, she was going to stop. Or, she was going to blow right through the red light and smash head first into me and my car full of children.


I’ll let you guess which one she chose.

Yeah, so that fucking sucks. You know what sucks even worse? I got cited. I got cited!!!!! Because? I was turning left and in the great state of Ohio, if you are turning left it is your responsibility to yield the right of way. Even if the other driver has a red light. Even if you were already turning when the irresponsible bitch ran the red light. I don’t really car about the ticket. It’s $150 and that sucks, but my bigger concern by far is the fact that I just changed my insurance to liability only. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For the record, my insurance company has been kick ass awesome so far. And, when I bumped my coverage down I did not drop passenger medical. So, insurance will take care of the medical bills for me and the kids. And there will be bills. Because obviously we got all of the kids examined.


Good news: The kids were not injured. Both babies were in there rear facing toddler seats and received not even a bruise. Lil C was in a backless booster in the back seat, and received a belt burn on his chest, but it was no where near as bad as it could have been. He was doing flips and flops and ninja moves before we left the hospital. Big C was in the front seat. No booster, but he was wearing his lap/shoulder belt. He is old/tall/heavy enough to ride this way. He has a very small belt rash on his neck. I had his seat all the way back and the airbag did not hit his face. The kids are all fine.


I was the only person that the paramedics thought should actually go to the hospital in an ambulance. Which I declined in order to stay with the kids. DUH! But, H and G both arrived on scene before we left and given that info and hindsight being 20/20 and all that… I probably should have went. My only broken bone is a small crack in one rib (went to urgent care later), but I’m banged all to hell. Here’s a small sampling:

Basically, I am marked up like this everywhere. The entire top of my hand is purple now, both knees are aubergine and I have all kinds of marks like the one down my arm all over my body. I just don’t feel like photographing them all, not that you want to see them, anyway…


As you can see this week was just getting better and better…


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