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The Week From Hell: How is it Not Over Yet September 25, 2011

Filed under: Completely and Entirely Unrelated to IF,Family — arminta @ 12:49 am

Thursday Big C stayed home from school because he was sore, or traumatized or just realized he had a good excuse to stay home. Whatever. I’m damned glad he did, because “Holy shit carting babies around is hard when you can’t move without severe pain!” Lil C stayed with my pops and bro. IDK why. I’m guessing because my sister realized that I was in no fit state to have to care for my own child, let alone 3 additional kids. And yet, there weren’t a lot of options, either. Sure, someone could have offered to come to my house and help with all 4. But, no one did. Whatever.


Until 3:30pm when I got a shitty phone call because someone went to pick up Big C (without asking or being asked) and he wasn’t there. I didn’t take to kindly to people getting shitty with me over them deciding to drive across town unprompted then being upset because they didn’t get to be the hero. Which had Big C been at school, G or I would have been there to get him and would have been really confused by someone else being there to pick him up… poorly thought out plan.


Point? Boo to unnecessary drama.


Also, boo to cutting teeth the day that mama is least able to provide comfort. Baby G is now a six teefer. He cuts those bitches 2 at a time. He’s not a super fussy teether, but he does get diaper rash when he gets teeth and it just sucks having a crank when you physically can’t comfort with lots of nursing and holding. Especially when that’s all the crank wants.


This brings up the point that it is dead inconvenient to me that my MIL has decided to be such a spectacular failure of a mother/grandmother/human. Don’t get me wrong, most days I am THRILLED to be rid of her bullshit. But on days like these, I’d be more than glad to put up with the innocuous, normal annoying insults to my housekeeping and badgering about how I raise my son for a bit of help. Actually, I’d be willing to put up with the little shit all the time for my husband to be happy with the relationship with his mother. But, obviously, that’s never going to happen. She is destructive and toxic and wreaks far more havoc than is OK to put up with. But, man I wish she didn’t. That said… she has made 0 effort to contact my husband this week. I’m sorry, whether or not you think the other person will accept/respond in a way that you would like, how do you ignore your child going through so much pain? I know she knows about Waldo and the wreck. G has spoken with Uncle P and his cousin C about it and they both talk to La Diabla and her sister. And, I’ve posted about it on Facebook and have a lot of relative friends on FB that talk to her. So, anyway, G doesn’t say so, but I know it hurts him that they haven’t called or reached out because of their own selfish pride. Also, if it is you guys googling me and you’ve found this blog and you’re reading this: You are BOTH spectacular failures. I can’t believe you are stupid enough to allow your own selfish pride to fuck up your relationship with my G’s. MY G’s. Losers. You are hands down the most selfish creatures I’m aware of. I hope you’re lonely and miserable, you earned it.


Sorry, had to get that out. I think a little bitch can be expected given the circumstances, no?


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