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or… adventures in infertility and babies and family drama!

The Strongest Full Moon Since Ever October 13, 2011

I’m not normally overly affected by the whole moon situation, or really even my own little lunar cycle. PMS happens from time to time, but usually, not so much. The Time itself sucks ass. But the week or so prior too? Not usually a big deal.

This month has been a massive Exception To The Rule. Massive. All week I’ve been a cranky bitch. Scratch that, a LAZY, cranky bitch. Watching myself objectively, I totally see that. In the moment, I am SO JUSTIFIED in being a beached killer whale (do orca beach? am too lazy to find out) with an attitude problem.

This leads me to theories (because, duh, I’m not doing anything else*, might as well be making theories):

  • The moons pull is somehow stronger than normal this month**
  • On the rare month I feel this way, I’ve released more than one egg (hah! I’m just assuming my lazy f’ing ovaries released even one egg!)
  • I am in fact possessed by the spirit of a woman who hates me and likes to see me hurt feelings and let my house go to hell, just for kicks.
  • Does anyone else think Pumped Up Kicks is just a more catchy version of the song Teenagers by My Chemical Romance?
  • I love My Chemical Romance and Blink 182. Especially Blink 182.
  • I know this isn’t supposed to be a random list of crazy, but I’m feeling really distractable and rambly, and hey whatever, it’s my blog.

* I am in fact doing a lot else. The Baby G & I both have strep, so just today I navigated taking all of the children to doctors appt’s for both of us (got lots of compliments on how well behaved the kiddies are, too). And you know, strep + baby = a ton of crying which = being attached to Mama. (Mama is not complaining. I’d rather he be attached to me and happy, but at this point, I’ll take all the cuddles I can get.)

** Once again, am entirely too lazy to verify the science involved with this theory. Let’s just assume it’s possible, eh?

You know what would really be good right now? Sleep. Chocolate. Percocet. Sleep.


Writing: That Thing I’m Supposed to Be Doing October 12, 2011

So, of course, I’m staying home to bond with Baby G and make sure he’s raised right and what-not. That is The Main Thing. But, honestly, I never expected it to be ALL I did. I rather expected that I’d be writing all the time and my house would be clean and I’d have a raging Etsy business and holy crap I should have done this years ago, we’re rolling in the dough!

As it is… the kids are cared for, but I don’t write much, my house is a wreck, the Etsy business isn’t doing that great (worth the effort I’ve put into it, but not booming) and frankly, we’re broke. Broke, broke. Well, I mean, the bills are getting paid (sometimes late) and we’re eating just fine (i.e. too much), but Christmas is definitely going to be a stretch and we rarely have more than $20 left at the end of the week.

Which brings me to my point. I could alleviate the financial strain by getting a part time job. (Mind you, I do watch 4 kids in addition to my own 45 hours a week, so this would be a second job.) Lots of places are hiring for the holiday season and $75 or $100 a week would be a HUGE boost right now.


I could throw those same 15-20 hours a week into my creative pursuits that were supposed to be making extra cash to begin with. The payoff wouldn’t be so immediate or guaranteed, but it would have the potential to be bigger and would not require being away from Mr. G. It wouldn’t require leaving the house. It wouldn’t require scheduling conflicts or having a boss. I really don’t miss having a boss.

I do miss talking to grown-ups, though. And leaving the house occasionally. See how this circle works?

I have to make a decision, though. I have to do SOMETHING. Doing nothing just isn’t working… I am not accustomed to being this broke. I like buying Christmas presents. I really want to sell a book. And I have so many ideas. I’m totally doing the National Novel Writing Month challenge in November. But that doesn’t help.

So ya’ll have any word of wisdom?


When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Benedryl October 8, 2011

 and Eye Drops…

and Pedialyte…

and now Mommy needs liquor…

Aaah, sick season, how I didn’t miss you. You dirty, germy whore. (and I wonder why all my search traffic comes from pervy guys looking for squirty boob porn…)

Right then. So, it’s been raining and pouring ’round these parts for nearly a month now. (Figuratively, of course, the actual rainy weather is curiously MIA.) You know, of course, about The Really Bad Week, but since then we’ve dealt with fun things like An Allergic Reaction to Cinnamon. Cinnamon?!?!?! Specifically cheap Aldi cinnamon. Way to go, Mom, tried to save $1.50, had to spend $2 on Benedryl. (Also, hello! Benedryl is only $2… talk about a good deal.) Thankfully, the reaction wasn’t severe and the pediatrician said just give him some Benedryl and watch him for 24 hours and everything was OK. But, seriously, watching your kids face puff up and turn fire engine red because his breakfast touched it? SCARY AS HELL!

Then things were OK, for 2 or 3 days and I found out that Big C spent a fuck-ton of money ($130 to be exact) on my X-Box live account and X-Box is being very “watch your damn kids better, idiot” about it (understandable). So, that sucks. But Big C is being very, well, Big C about it. Which is INFURIATING. He has clearly not been beaten enough (I do not actually believe in beating children. I do believe in joking about beating them to other grown ups when I am very mad with their actions.). That or he has ADHD and ODD. Fucking labels. I’m not really sure how I feel about the labeling, nor how to properly handle this shit knowing that part of this is out of his control, except, is it? I don’t know. GRRRR. Anyone with ADHD/ODD experience please feel free to chime in and educate my ass. I’m rather at a loss…

Oh right, and the baby’s sick. We officially have our first case of family pink eye! Complete with matching goop! And… because one inconvenient, highly contagious illness isn’t enough… we also have matching poop! You know what’s a lot of fun? Changing, and I shit you not (shit! hah, I’m so funny), 10 poopy diapers for one baby in one day! Just imagine being the poor kid making 10 poopy diapers in one day. Poor guy. Diarreha and toddlers do not mix. Especially toddlers with itchy, goopy eyes. (Technically, eye, I started the drops in both eyes to prevent the spread!)

I know there is good stuff…

I know these are only blips in the grand scheme of things…

But, sometimes, one just needs a good whine.