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Writing: That Thing I’m Supposed to Be Doing October 12, 2011

So, of course, I’m staying home to bond with Baby G and make sure he’s raised right and what-not. That is The Main Thing. But, honestly, I never expected it to be ALL I did. I rather expected that I’d be writing all the time and my house would be clean and I’d have a raging Etsy business and holy crap I should have done this years ago, we’re rolling in the dough!

As it is… the kids are cared for, but I don’t write much, my house is a wreck, the Etsy business isn’t doing that great (worth the effort I’ve put into it, but not booming) and frankly, we’re broke. Broke, broke. Well, I mean, the bills are getting paid (sometimes late) and we’re eating just fine (i.e. too much), but Christmas is definitely going to be a stretch and we rarely have more than $20 left at the end of the week.

Which brings me to my point. I could alleviate the financial strain by getting a part time job. (Mind you, I do watch 4 kids in addition to my own 45 hours a week, so this would be a second job.) Lots of places are hiring for the holiday season and $75 or $100 a week would be a HUGE boost right now.


I could throw those same 15-20 hours a week into my creative pursuits that were supposed to be making extra cash to begin with. The payoff wouldn’t be so immediate or guaranteed, but it would have the potential to be bigger and would not require being away from Mr. G. It wouldn’t require leaving the house. It wouldn’t require scheduling conflicts or having a boss. I really don’t miss having a boss.

I do miss talking to grown-ups, though. And leaving the house occasionally. See how this circle works?

I have to make a decision, though. I have to do SOMETHING. Doing nothing just isn’t working… I am not accustomed to being this broke. I like buying Christmas presents. I really want to sell a book. And I have so many ideas. I’m totally doing the National Novel Writing Month challenge in November. But that doesn’t help.

So ya’ll have any word of wisdom?


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