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The Pregnant Post November 26, 2011

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Haha! Gotcha! Nope, not me. Not even a little bit. You like how I was all “ooh, 2ww” then didn’t update you forever, then came back with “pregnant” right in the title. ‘Cause I’m a bitch like that, and I enjoy screwing with people. Oh, silly, Minta.


Even though I am not pregnant, I still wanted to give a bloggity shout out to some pretty awesome pregnant bloggers, who I am way happy for! (Pretty sure I just ended that sentence in a preposition, but hey, rules of grammar be damned!)


#1) MEG!!!!! – Well, technically her surrogate is pregnant, but they are her biscuits baking in that surrogate womb!!! Grow biscuits, grow!!!! I have been cheering for Meg and T since I joined this whole blog-world, and am just over the moon for them!


#2) Jen – No, I’m not kidding! This chica has had a hella year! I cannot imagine the emotional roller coaster she’s been riding, then to add a surprise little person after 2 rounds of IVF and an FET. Amazing! Also, she is funny as shit. And, she’s a buckeye. I heart her.


Two Week Wait November 2, 2011

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Yeah, that kind of 2WW. For real.

We have not been trying to prevent for almost a year. But… honestly, we haven’t been doing much in the way of timing. I haven’t been temping, or cervix checking (the FAR more reliable method of prediction for me) with any regularity and even when I did, we didn’t really put a lot of emphasis on doing the deed. We were doing the deed. Just not necessarily on the “right” days.

Until this month. This month we are having a “real” 2ww.

It is weird. Cool. But, weird. It’s nothing at all like the 2ww’s of the past. I’m losing track of DPO’s. I’m not obsessing over every twinge and tingle. I honestly didn’t even realize I was running a temperature until G pointed out that my cheeks are pink (no wine involved…).

My first pregnancy sign is usually running a 99.5-100.5 degree temp starting 5-6 dpo. My temp is 99.8 and it’s 5dpo.

Maybe this 2ww isn’t so different after all 🙂


Eating Should Be Easier

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Yes, yes, I know eating is easy. Trust me, I got lots of ass testifying to the fact that I know eating is easy. However, that abundance of rump is also my evidence that knowing what to eat can be very, very complicated.

Recently I embarked on a 10 day juice fast. At the end, I felt pretty good. My RA was not terrible. I had lost a good deal of weight. It did me right. But, only a few days after my fast ended I was in the accident and all (yes, ALL) benefits were immediately nullified. At this point my RA is right back where it was, and my weight is darn close (and it came on OVERNIGHT which = water weight). After the juice fast it was my intention to maintain a primarily veggie/vegan’ish diet. I was going to allow a couple of meals a week for splurges but the majority of meals were to be plant based.

Not only was that my intention, it’s what I did. Really. No, really. Yes, in the time immediately following the accident we had a few more splurge meals than I prefer to admit, but… as soon as I was able we were back to mama making salads for dinner every night and the splurges were cut back to truly 2-3 meals a week. Proof of this? My husband has lost 35 pounds in the last month. I have not.

So, what conclusion do I draw from this information? It would appear the plant centric diet doesn’t really agree with my body. But, but, but!!! There is so much evidence that plant diets are good and omni diets are bad, right? Meat causes acidosis and bone erosion, no? Casein has been PROVEN to grow cancer?!?!?!?!?

Well, I suppose that depends on who you ask. See, I was rather addicted to nutrition documentaries for a while and they all agreed: vegan = good, meat = death. So, I tried. I really tried. Sure, I don’t want to die young and I do want better health, but my primary motivation is giving Baby G the best possible diet from the start. I want him used to the healthiest foods. I want him to have everything he needs to grow up strong and healthy. I want him to have a mama that can play and will live to see his kids.

So, how do we get there? What the hell do I eat to 1) lose weight and 2) improve my health and 3) set a good example for my little man?

I don’t know, either. But, I’m working on it.