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The Pregnant Post November 26, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — arminta @ 1:55 pm

Haha! Gotcha! Nope, not me. Not even a little bit. You like how I was all “ooh, 2ww” then didn’t update you forever, then came back with “pregnant” right in the title. ‘Cause I’m a bitch like that, and I enjoy screwing with people. Oh, silly, Minta.


Even though I am not pregnant, I still wanted to give a bloggity shout out to some pretty awesome pregnant bloggers, who I am way happy for! (Pretty sure I just ended that sentence in a preposition, but hey, rules of grammar be damned!)


#1) MEG!!!!! – Well, technically her surrogate is pregnant, but they are her biscuits baking in that surrogate womb!!! Grow biscuits, grow!!!! I have been cheering for Meg and T since I joined this whole blog-world, and am just over the moon for them!


#2) Jen – No, I’m not kidding! This chica has had a hella year! I cannot imagine the emotional roller coaster she’s been riding, then to add a surprise little person after 2 rounds of IVF and an FET. Amazing! Also, she is funny as shit. And, she’s a buckeye. I heart her.


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