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No Need to Test December 9, 2011

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Hey guys this post is chock full of the disgusting TMI that comprise the details of a suspected early first trimester miscarriage. Enter at your own risk.

Well, today I have no heartburn, very slight nausea, almost unnoticeable metal mouth. This is not surprising since last night the bleeding slowed down, I passed about 1ml of what looked like amniotic fluid (floats to the top in the diva cup…) then after about an hour of pretty heavy cramping, I passed a pretty giant mass (which I suspect was the fibrin clot) and since then the cramping has slowed down/stopped, the bleeding has slowed down and the symptoms have all but disappeared.

What’s going on is definitely not a period. My periods have become clockwork normal since the Baby G has been born. They start on CD 28-30 (of course making that day CD1). Day 1 is light (for me, which is to say 10-15ml daily loss). Day 2 is HEAVY (for anyone, average 85ml loss). Day 3 is heavy, but not as heavy as Day 2 (30-50ml loss) and Days 4-5 are spotting. I ovulate on 14 or 15.

Having been through this four times before (the other 2 were later in the pregnancy) and having my OB tell me “sounds like an early miscarriage” I’m ruling it an unconfirmed miscarriage at 4wks.

Fuckity Fuck Fuck

We’re not trying in January or February. I don’t know where to go from here. This was really my fear, that we’d get stuck back in the infertility and RPL rut and looksy here… I want baby G to have a sibling, a person to be family when G & I are gone. I know he will have the C’s and if that has to be good enough, it will. But, I’d really love for him to have someone of his own, too. You should see his little heartbreak everyday when they leave. And, I can tell Daddy G is hoping for this more than he’s letting on. But, I am so not willing to do the last 3 years over again. We’re happy, now, why fuck with that?


2 Responses to “No Need to Test”

  1. Krystal Says:

    I’m so sorry, hun. That really sucks! (((hugs)))

  2. I’m sorry. That really really Sucks!

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