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My New Job: Reading Harry Potter December 29, 2011

Filed under: Completely and Entirely Unrelated to IF,Writing — arminta @ 4:29 pm

As you might have gathered from the last post, I’m writing more again. Really, truly trying to finish something! I have all of these ideas floating about. There are bits of a story and scenes for a novel, but nothing really concrete. I keep sitting down to write and find myself feeling the work too flat. Too Stepahnie Meyer, if you will and I’m shooting for JK Rowling (as any decent author should).


See, I have spent a lot of time calling Twilight entertaining, but flat, crappy writing. Of course, I’ve spent a lot more time positively gushing about what a freaking genius JK Rowling is to have come up with the whole concept/world of Harry Potter. While I know that there is a lot more to literature than just these two, these are what I think of when I think “write fiction.” So, I made a decision! It’s time to study these authors and examine their methods. It’s time to read from the authors perspective.


In other words, my new job is re-reading my favorite books. It’s a hard life… LOL


Seriously, though, I’m sure there is much to learn from both of their writing processes and that’s where I’m looking to start.


Are any of you writing fiction? Done any cool author studies? Am I the only dorky grown-up giving myself homework?


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