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Occupy McDonald’s January 15, 2012

I am hugely invested in the Occupy Movement. This has spurned me into action. No, I’m not protesting. I’m not making signs, or taking food to protesters. Oh, no, much the opposite. I am enraged by the entitled attitudes of these people and am taking action to educate them. The leader of the movement in my hometown gave an interview stating that he’s been offered jobs and turned them down in order to continue his protest!!!! His protest is against joblessness. He only started protesting because he didn’t have a job!! Does anyone else see the problem with this picture? Also? Within less than a one mile radius of my house no less than 10 businesses are hiring permanent employees. Sure, they are fast food restaurants and grocery stores. No, they don’t pay much above minimum wage. But… they do pay. They are an option whilst you wait for something better. I have heard so many of the people identifying themselves as occupiers talk about how they can’t accept those jobs because they pay less than they are making on unemployment. I cannot tell you how red my sight goes when I hear this kind of nonsense. Here’s why…


When I was a child my dad drove a garbage truck. He made minimum’ish wage. My mom had to go to work in a factory in order to put food on the table and keep the heat on. Even then, sometimes the power got shut off. While working in that factory my mother checked out library books on computer programming and practiced on our hand-me-down machine at night. She built a reputation as being hard working and dependable. She solved problems and became known as a person of action. She knew that in order to succeed her company needed to embrace technology and she researched the best ways to do this on her own time, without being asked. She then made a presentation for the owners (again, on her own time) to convince them what needed to be done. They made her the first IT leader in the company. She is now an IT leader for a gigantic multi-national corporation (that bought her company) and is in charge of multiple sites and dozens of people and earns a six figure salary. She is in Florida right now preparing to present to hundreds of people on the future of their business from an IT perspective. That’s the work ethic I learned. That’s how I feel everyone should work that wants to get ahead and make money.


So, when I hear people saying things like “with all the resources in this country it shouldn’t be that hard, we should be done pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps” and “I can’t take that job, I make more on unemployment” I think “LAZY ASS! You don’t deserve to succeed!” My bigger issue with the occupy movement isn’t that it’s mostly just an excuse for laziness, it’s a movement with no leader, no actionable goals, no defined list of “to-do’s.” Nope, just thousands of people standing around saying “Hey government, things suck, make it better.” Now if you read the above, you’ll have learned that I am very much of the opinion that if you see a problem, and you want it fixed, it is very much your job to draft an ACTIONABLE, REALISTIC plan for solving the problem, then IMPLEMENT it. That might mean taking action yourself, it might mean contacting people with the appropriate authority, but either way, you should be out there making your plan happen, or at least trying to. FYI… posting your “demands” online does not count as taking action. I’m posting this online, but it’s not doing anything but making me feel important.


Don’t get wrong, some of the things this movement is talking about are things I agree with (repealing the Patriot Act, for one), but it’s the attitude that gets me riled up. It’s the attitude of a lot of the people in the Y and younger generations. I see it in my siblings, and cousins and all over Facebook. It makes me feel like we’re lost. I really am having a hard with hope for the future right now…


4 Responses to “Occupy McDonald’s”

  1. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    Amen and amen!

    When I was responsible for hiring at my bookstore, I couldn’t get over the attitude of entitlement that many (not all, but many) of our younger applicants would walk into the interview with.

    I totally pin it to the crazy job market of the late 90s and 00s. We were needing to hire pretty much anybody who walked through the door just to keep our staff numbers up. Heck, they lowered the minimum age for employment in our province from 15 to 12, just to get bodies behind the tills in fast food places. I knew back then that we (employers) were creating a generation of people who expected to go out and get paid $10-15 dollars an hour just for flipping burgers (not that there is anything wrong with flipping burgers… just the expectation of such ridiculous wages). And that generation would be in for a rude awakening when the bottom dropped out of everything… which it did.

    I grew up/came of age in a time where you had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. There was no question… Now that we’re back into that sort of economy, it feels like no one wants to work even one job. The expectation, in the service industry in particular, is that so long as you just show up, you should get some kind of bonus. I got so sick of having to beg people to actually do their jobs.

    The Occupy movement is the real world equivalent to those ridiculous ‘awareness’ memes (like the ones for breast cancer that have nothing to do with cancer) that go around on Facebook. They make no sense, have no focus, and when they’re over they’ve left nothing behind but confusion.

    (my apologies for the super long ramble again)

  2. While I completely hear what you’re saying, my take on the occupy movement is something different. The “occupiers” started as an offshoot of the 99% movement- a movement that was protesting tax cuts to huge corporations and those that made more money in a year than 99% of the rest of the population. I live in Canada, and we have had our share of frustration over the same issues. Tax cuts are given to corporations- well, that tax money still has to come from somewhere- so that BILLION or so dollars that should have come from a percentage of income from those companies, translates into a much larger percentage coming from the income of the people- the 99%, the middle class, like myself who work- who are educated and strive for a better life, and to better ourselves. My husband put nearly a decade into the military, and despite his college education prior to, and the education received to enhance his skills a military member count for diddly- and we pay near to HALF our income into taxes. We make less than 6 figures with our COMBINED income- before taxes. So you can imagine it hits pretty hard when we are paying MORE- not just in percentage, but in actual dollars- than a fortune 500 company that makes billions every year. I don’t agree with those who refuse to take a minimum wage job- I’ve held more than my fair share of dead end, horrible jobs in order to have an income in those times when my education wasn’t enough to get me a “real” job- but I feel that those who are protesting the lack of jobs while refusing to take a job are in the minority- and the media is displaying them to make those who are protesting meaningfully look bad! It only takes one bad apple to taint the rest of them… it’s unfortunate, though, because the occupy movement will never be taken seriously, unless those who are a part of it start practising what they preach!!

    • arminta Says:

      You are 100% right on the taxes being screwed up. Since I’ve started staying home our income is 1/3 what it used to be and we are still paying ridiculous amounts in taxes. (Mind you, not as much as our neighbors to the north…) Personally, I don’t think the income tax system works. It is a burden to manage and there is no good way to ensure that everyone is paying their fair share. People who don’t earn “income” (i.e. criminals, investors, etc…) and don’t receive a tax income form don’t pay income tax. Thing is people who make more also tend to spend more. That’s why I am in favor of a national sales tax system to replace the income tax system… This also helps with corporations paying more into the tax pool, because corporations buy a lot at the retail level (think office supplies!).

      (Also, the local leader I was talking about wasn’t featured in the mainstream media at all… He made those statements to a reporter for a small local free paper in response to being questioned about moving their “camp” around Christmas time. Right now he’s violating the city law and camping in a public park and plans to do so until spring, even though he knows he’s violating the local law. It’s really quite ridiculous.)

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