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Things To Not Forget: 16 Months January 21, 2012

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This morning I was in bed and I heard the most beautiful sound in the world. My life would just not be the same without it. I heard my mans’s playing. They were, rather dramatically, sneezing. So many times, and so dramatically, that I suspect it was on purpose. As I laid there listening, wanting so badly to go join them, but not wanting to interrupt their special time, I tried so hard to burn that sound into my memory. I never want to forget the sound of my boy faking sneezes and laughing at his Daddy. I never want those sounds to go away. But burning that magical laugh and hilarious sneeze into my brain got me to thinking I should probably write down more stuff that the boy is up to, so as not to forget.


  • Sesame Street rocks socks. He has 12 guys at last count (ha! The Count is one of them…) and he knows all of their names and he tries to carry like five of them around at a time, but his little hands only have room for two and he gets so mad! If I remind him about a pail, he will squeeze as many as he can in one hand and carry the rest in his pail. They fall off of Hooper’s Store and need sugars to feel better, a lot. And they talk to each other, mostly about bananas and their names.
  • Speaking of speaking… Ho Lee Cow! According to his pediatrician, this kid speaks at the level of an average 30 month old. For instance, last week Big Bird fell off of a stool (he was talking to Abby Cadabby about bananas and eat and fish and “roar”) and my Baby G gave me this look of heart break. So, I said “What’s wrong buddy?” and he said “Bird fall down.” Bird. Fall. Down. We’d gotten used to two word phrases, “Go bye-bye”, “All done”, “Get down”, “Go potty” (which almost never is used in relation to him going potty, go figure), “Go eat”, “Fish eat” all part of the daily speech repertoire. But, a three word sentence? Yeah, that was new.
  • Animal noises are the new black. He freaking loves animals. They are probably on the same level with Elmo. His big trick at family get together’s is entertaining everyone with his animal sounds. People take turns naming animals and he makes the sound and does a little dance. The cutest BY FAR are donkey and monkey. Note to self: get the donkey on video! Other sounds: Horse, Cow, Chicken, Duck, Bird, Pig, Fish (more of a facial movement), Bunny (more of a concentrated sniffing), Lion & Tiger & Bear &  Dinosaur all make the same sound (riiii-oooar), Cat, Dog, Snake and Rooster. Oh! and Panda. Panda’s up there with Donkey and Monkey. Because Panda’s say? “Hi-yah!” like a karate sound. Yeah, because we have a Kung-Fu panda toy and I made it say Hi-Yah! once, and since then all panda’s say Hi-Yah!
  • He has no time for that damn shape sorter, Dad! He’ll put two or three shapes through the holes, then take the lid off and put the rest away! G does like it because he says it defeats the purpose of the toy. I think it’s the cleverest thing I’ve ever seen.
  • You’d best not get him out of his bed before he’s ready. He will call for you when he wants to get up. I know it’s time when I hear “Mom. M-aaaahh-m.” coming from his room.
  • If you fall asleep on the floor he will wake you up with a kiss ala Prince Charming. Mommy falls asleep on the floor about 30 times a day. Finally!!! Sugars I don’t have to beg for!!
  • He tries so hard to jump. In his crib with the rail and springs, the boy gets AIR. But, he wants to jump everywhere, so he walks around trying to jump all of the time. He gets it maybe 1 try in 100, but he is so not giving up.
  • Because he’s stubborn as an ox. Much like his mother. See above regarding the quantity of figures he tries to carry around.
  • Feeding ducks is the shiz-nit. He chases them and quacks at them and throws the bread/popcorn/other stale carbs laying around in my kitchen at them. He is for real about his ducks.
  • Feeding his fish is another biggie. His fish have to be fed three times a day and he has to do it. Poor Ron is knocked up (literally within 1 minute of her going into the tank they were doing it), and she gets hungry a lot. Oh! His fish are called Ron (orange female guppy), Hermione (blonde/yellow’ish male guppy) and Draco (albino corydora). He doesn’t care that they have names.
  • He’ll cut a bitch over his Little People Farm, though. I can’t even tell you how many times a day I have to break up a brawl because certain little trouble makers come and grab his shit and run (he sets up little scenes with his animals and guys and you best not mess with them), and he chases them down and exacts his revenge.
  • Otherwise, he is so sweet. I just melt for him. So.In.Love.

Sorry if this is sounding braggy. It isn’t meant to be. Just so in awe of this kid.


2 Responses to “Things To Not Forget: 16 Months”

  1. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    Sweet sweet things! I’m really hoping that Ginny will start the whole talking thing soon. She says a few words here and there, and verbalizes a lot (babbling, etc) but I’m still waiting for a Mama from her. Your little guy is amazing with all those words.

    We have the little people farm too, but Ginny prefers her talking teapot (drives me up the wall!). If I shut it off at any point during the day, she has a fit!

    • arminta Says:

      Don’t despair, Ladybug is two weeks younger than G and she mostly just says “No.” She MIGHT have 5 words, counting “no.” Ginny will probably be one of those that goes from 6 words to 50 in the space of a week 🙂

      We have a teapot for Ladybug (the v-tech one, I think). I hate that damn thing. Luckily, she’s more into the car ramp (FP stand & play rampway, they make a pink one but we have the yellow & red one) than the girly toys. I think G plays with the babies more than she does!

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