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Silly Monkey February 1, 2012

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Oh the sillyness has erupted in my house! It seems the boy developed a sense of humor. How could he not with parents like these, eh?


Wanna see what I’m talking about?


Clowning Around


He put that on. He calls it a hat (considering the sheer volume of hats around, it’s not hard to believe he thinks anything that goes on your head is a hat) and he loves it. He laughs and points to it and makes a big fuss over his funny hat.


Could not be any more in love with this kid.


Another funny trick? Running from Mama at bed time, then turning around to honk (like a goose) and laugh at her before running away some more.


Of course, nudity is the height of hilarity. Anytime we don’t have clothes on is a riot. (Speaking of… only 1 accident today!!! a few more days of this and we might be ready to go diaper free out and about!!!)


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