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Really Great Week! February 10, 2012

Hiya! So, yeah, we’re having an awesome week over here in Mintaland. I mean, it’s a tired, nauseous, tired week, but… that totally kicks ass. Why is this week so great?


– Well there’s the whole SURPRISE you’re knocked up.

– Then there was the whole, and bleeding did not commence immediately upon seeing the second line (seriously, that has happened too many times).

– Then Lil G, precocious little genius that he is (I might be biased, but whatever, I think he’s a precocious little genius) decided he’s a potty man now. All the time. As in he WANTS to use the potty. He still has an accident or two a day, but they are accidents and he usually stops mid-stream and runs to the potty. Unfortunately, he’s still pooping in his nap diaper 😦

– Also, my Etsy shop BLEW UP this week. As in I’ve done more revenue this week than I did last year. Yes, the whole year. There must have been some kind of news article about boobie beanies on Yahoo or something, because they sold like crazy for two days and I’m still getting a steady 5-6 a day being ordered. WOWSA!

– And, I did my taxes. Yay! G didn’t trust my itemization skillz but I was proven correct in the end. So, we’re getting enough of a return to pay off some debt, and maybe enough to fix up a little beater for G so we can be back to having 2 cars. Yay!!!

– Lastly, I figured out how to print postage at home. You would not believe how gigantically huge that is for me. I hate driving to ship stuff at night.


Great week. Awesome week.


(Results of first beta are back! HCG: 111, Progesterone: 24.1 Doctor drew a smiley face next to them according to the nurse I spoke with. Because I wasn’t tracking this cycle, I have no idea how many dpo we’re looking at…)


2 Responses to “Really Great Week!”

  1. Mrs.Gamgee Says:

    Woo hoo! Fantabulous week!

    I’m just starting to consider potty training stuff for Ginny, but I’m concerned about starting it now, before the Halfling makes his/her appearance (being consistent and also the possible set backs once baby is here).

    Excellent numbers on your beta testing! I’m so excited for you!

  2. Those are pretty numbers!

    I saw a boobie hat on pinterest like last week I believe. So that may be why yours is blowing up. ( Ps. Awesome!) I want to start a shop and sell some of my craftings but I’m scared no one would buy them…. so yeah…

    Jack just learned to say potty. Hub pulled out the lil plastic one so he could get used to seeing it around. I’m toying with the idea of trying to get him to use it.

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