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Updates and such February 19, 2012

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Hello… Yeah, I’m still here. Did you like how I dropped that “the sky is falling” post then went silent for a week? Sorry. Please accept my apologies and excuses which are something about hooking many, many boobies a day and feeling much like a zombie.


Here’s some news:

  • So far, newest human seems to still be alive. Have an u/s scheduled for Friday (2/24) to “confirm viability.” Feeling dramatically less stressed about this pregnancy. I can’t really describe it. I’m just not obsessing and stressing over it. This will probably change when/if we see a heartbeat and things get a little more real.
  • But, I am dreaming about the baby. The other night I dreamt the baby was a girl and my mom brought Lil G up to the hospital shortly after she (yeah, she, which is a point on which Daddy and I disagree) was born. I was sitting cross legged in the bed, holding the little baby and he came in and said “Mama, mama. Baby!” and crawled up into the bed with me. I showed him the baby and said “Look, Buddy, you have a new Sissy, her name is Nora. Nora Elise.” Then, he said, clear as anything, “Nora Sissy” and gave her a sugar. She had a ton of jet black hair, but otherwise looked very much like Lil G did when he was born (including the stunningly bright blue eyes).
  • Nora Elise was not on our names list. At all.
  • It is now.
  • My son is still practically bald.
  • My Brother came home from the hospital on Friday. His diagnosis’ were many… sleep apnea, high bp, and heart & kidney damage. He needs a c-pap machine and will be seeing a cardiologist who has agreed to see him on the cheap (and get him a proper sleep study). The hospital wrote him all $4 prescriptions (lasix and bp meds). Most of the people at the hospital treated him very well and I am so glad they were able to save him. He was truly in danger of death when he got there. Every time I went up there the nurses were all very sweet. They always asked me about why he kept his door closed (I always told them he is curmudgeonly like that). They all commented about how sweet he is and how little trouble he was to take care of. I had to ask for headache meds one night because he didn’t want to bother the nurse.
  • There is one doctor, though, who I’d really beat the shit out of. This man was rude and did the absolute bare minimum for my brother. He even went as far as to say “You know, all these problems would go away if you lost weight, and then you could just keep on without insurance.” P said this man clearly thought of him as just another fat American and a complete waste of his time. When the nurse asked him if he was going to send P home with a c-pap scrip he said “Why? He’ll never get one without insurance.” Asshole.

OK, there will be more, but right now someone is yelling “Mom, mom!” from their bed.


One Response to “Updates and such”

  1. Mrs.Gamgee Says:

    Those dreams are so strange aren’t they? I had one with Ginny coming into the hospital to meet her new sister… she used the name we have chosen for the Halfling, but it was strange because we don’t often say the name aloud, so how did she know? Dreams are such odd things!

    That Dr. Douchebag… grrrr! I want to punch him in the neck for you! I hope and pray that your brother gets the medication and care that he needs!

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