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Roller Coaster February 27, 2012

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So, I got the call on my beta from Friday. 652. Six hundred and fifty two. It was 111 on 2/9. It should be in the thousands upon thousands at this point. the only number that would have given me ANY hope would have been above 10,000. 652. Don’t get me wrong, I KNEW it was over. But, part of me still wanted to hope for a miracle.


Progesterone was a whopping 6.8. It is falling fast.


Note to self: don’t read a bunch of “oh, my miscarriage was misdiagnosed, and even though there was no baby at 7w and beta numbers were falling I still ended up with a baby” bullshit stories on the internet… Fucking internet.


So, the nurse that called says that DW wrote me a progesterone scrip and wants a repeat ultrasound in a week. Really? I asked her point blank if she thought that was the right call given how low the numbers are. She said she thought maybe he wasn’t looking at the dates correctly and would call me back, or he would call me back. If there is any chance at all, I’ll do anything to save this thing, but… I still don’t think there’s a chance. This may sound bad, but I just don’t have it in me to deal with the drama of a touch and go pregnancy right now. It needs to either be or not be. I can handle that. Gray doesn’t work for me.


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