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Hope Contagious? February 29, 2012

Filed under: Miscarriage — arminta @ 2:06 am

So, DW’s office never called with Monday’s beta results. You’d think it wouldn’t really matter. It’s only the difference between dead and dying, right? end result will be the same. Except, the fact that I was clinging to SOME hope was never more real than at 6pm today when I realized they weren’t going to call and I really needed to know. Even though I keep saying I know and I keep saying it’s hopeless, I still take the prenatals and the baby aspirin and the prometrium. Damn I’m setting myself up for a fall. Oh Nora, if you make it through this, baby girl, you’re gonna give Ladybug a run for her money on the drama mama front. Hell, you already are!


One Response to “Hope Contagious?”

  1. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    Hope can be cruel, and yet we couldn’t get through IF and RPL without it. Hang in there, hon!

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