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Vacation March 5, 2012

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So, I’ve had just about enough suspense and drama and woe and have decided to take a vacation. Not a literal one, as that would require both money and time. But, a figurative one. I think the technical term would be “slacking.” Yep, I’m doing what I want. OK, that’s a lie. I’m doing more of what I want (which is mostly dicking around on my new Kindle Fire and playing old ass city building games), but still taking care of business. Saturday and Sunday G took the baby out and they did their little male bonding thing, so I was able to pretty much rest. That was nice.


OK, well now I’m just rambling. Sorry. Feeling a bit scattered. In other news, spotting has remained just that… spotting. Which is decidedly inconclusive. DW said to double the prometrium. Oh! That may account for the fuzzy brain and general feeling of “fuck it.” We’re back to wait and see, touch and go, probably not, but let’s drag this thing out anyway.


Back to the slacking… that was way more fun. OK folks, ancient Egypt isn’t going to build itself…


One Response to “Vacation”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Not sure how big of a reader you are but if you have a goodreads account you should sign up for netgalley, it’s awesome πŸ™‚

    Hope the “vacation” helps you reboot πŸ™‚

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