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Hodge podge and What-Not March 24, 2012

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Because who doesn’t love to read disjointed posts about nothing?

  • Well, mama might have taught Mr. Man his first curse word. While adjusting the straps on his car seat from winter to not winter (that would be our two seasons here in Ohio) I may have said “damnit!” and he may have heard me… Ever since then he has been using it quite effectively. For instance when he pees on the floor (not a common thing but once every couple of days, and more often if we’ve gone out and he’s spent a day in diapers) and I say “Oh, bud, we put our pee-pee in the potty, not the floor.” He will respond with “Damn it!” Or, I tell Ladybug for the 81,098 time to not climb on the back of the couch he’ll chime in “Sissy, damn it!” It is adorable and completely inappropriate.
  • So, I tried to teach him to say “oh bother” instead. Every time he says “damn it” I say “oh bother”
  • He now says “Damn it! Oh bother.”  Will try to get it on video. at first i was feeling very mama-fail about it, but now, I’m kinda just going with it. He’ll grow out of it. He doesn’t hear it all of the time, so if he’s the only one saying it, eventually he’ll stop. Or get old enough to be told it’s inappropriate. Either way, it’s done. I can’t take it back. And it is cute. And it sounds close enough to darn it, I could flub it over with strangers…
  • I’m not looking forward to the summer. I was, but the big boys have been fighting so much and I’m just feeling so run down. Now, I’m dreading it.
  • OMG I’m feeling so run down… Part of it is stress. Between the massive sales in Feb, and being pregnant with Nora and losing Nora and the RA being all flared I’m just spent. S.P.E.N.T.
  • And I’m fat as a cow. Fatter than I’ve been in a while.
  • I need to do another juice fast. A longer one. Then, I need to keep shit in check when I come off of it. Which I did a fairly OK job of last time. But have been slipping hard core recently. Which of course only makes the spent-ness even worse.
  • I can’t do a juice fast because, duh, pinterest.
  • Oh depression, how I hate your bitter cycle…
  • Change of topic! RA… So, I saw Dr. Rheumy week before last. As we’re no longer on the breeding track, she prescribed new meds. They not only helped not at all, they also gave me a debilitating headache for a week. So, I decided not to go down that path. I’ll stick to my current meds and hopefully get out of this funk enough to start bringing things around with nutrition. Which is also conducive to breeding.
  • Because seriously, I cannot fathom never being pregnant again.
  • I also can’t fathom ever being pregnant again.
  • So, while we’re at this impasse, might as well not do anything chancy from the breeding standpoint. Especially anything chancy that isn’t helping.
  • Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty sure if there was magic shot that would make getting pregnant ever again impossible, but would also make me feel better and lose weight? I think I’d take it right now. Which is easy to say, as it’s completely hypothetical.

2 Responses to “Hodge podge and What-Not”

  1. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    LOL about the ‘dammit’ situation. I’m sooooo waiting for Ginny to come out with ‘schmidt’ (my usual alternative to sh!t). How will I explain that one at church?

    Pinterest is very evil. I’m not normally a sweets person, but the wretched GD has me craving every kind of sugar under the sun. So guess which of my pin-boards is growing fastest?

    Sorry to hear that the new meds didn’t help at all. Praying that the dietary changes will help quickly!

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