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Feeling a Little Better & a Little Worse March 31, 2012


Being spring break and all, I finally bit the dust and conquered three rooms of my house. The kitchen, living room and bathroom are CLEAN, yo! My mom came on Thursday and pulled out the appliances and whatnot in the kitchen and got it really clean, even in the “invisible” spaces. Then she helped me flip over my heavy arse living room furniture, so we could clean under there, too. I found ALL the missing toys. Poor Bert’s been under there since Thanksgiving! So, I feel so much better about the house. It no longer feels like this:


Also, I did go food shopping and bought the stuff to make five of the Pinterest meals I was salivating over the most. So far one was awful and two were great. When these meals are gone, I’m going to start my juice fast. The hubs is in complete agreement on this plan. So, next week I’ll be back on the juice wagon.


I think I mentioned that I stopped the Arava. Which was the breeding un-friendly drug. We have decided to still spend a couple of months actively preventing, then we’ll re-address. Or, as I like to phrase it, we should have listened to Mrs. Gamgee in the first darn place!



Holy sickballs, Batman! I freaking hate being sick. I have been sick less than normal, though, what with not interacting with the public on the daily anymore and actually building some kind of immune system with my juicer. But, this latest bug got me and Baby G square in the ears, nose and throat. He was really bad for a couple of days (wouldn’t eat of drink, getting on the verge of needing IV fluids), but thankfully forcing water and medicine down his throat seemed to have worked, because he’s drinking today and less cranky pants. He’s napping now, and has been down 2 hours, which is twice as long as he napped yesterday, so fingers crossed he’s on the mend. Because I am not. I feel asstastic! Gonna take a nap myself I think when the hubs gets home.


The brokeness is wearing thin. I miss having disposable income. Less than 2 years until the big credit card is paid off, though, then we will have money again. Hanging in there…


2 Responses to “Feeling a Little Better & a Little Worse”

  1. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    First and foremost… sending you many many ((hugs)). One can never ever have too many…

    Good for you for getting going on your spring cleaning! My Beloved and I plan to get the ball really rolling on Easter weekend. We aren’t going anywhere, except church, so we’re going to just jump right into everything.

    I’m also happy that you have let yourself enjoy a few fun meals before heading back onto the juice fast. I hope and pray that it works it’s magic for you again and gets you feeling better physically. Being sick on top of everything else is just adding insult to injury for sure!

    I hear you about being broke. It’s hard. (Especially because I recently read an article stating that the average income in our area is almost twice what we have… *sigh*) Good for you guys for making progress on your c/c tho… that’s huge!!

  2. jserra1985 Says:

    How did you get that picture of my house? LMAO!

    Glad you got some stuff done! 🙂 Hope you and lil G feel better soon. Sickness sucks. ** HUG**

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