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Mother Goose Day May 1, 2012

Filed under: Completely and Entirely Unrelated to IF — arminta @ 1:16 pm

Did you know that today is Mother Goose Day? Yeah, no, it really is.

Did you know that much like Shakespeare, we don’t know who the original Mother Goose (or Geese) was? I didn’t know that. Until I consulted Google this morning while preparing the kids’ “lesson” for the day. If we can count reading a couple of nursery rhymes and talking about Mother Goose as a “lesson.” I have always like Little Miss Muffett and Humpty Dumpty, but I read the one about the old woman in the shoe as a cautionary tale 🙂

What is your favorite Mother Goose rhyme? Do you read the “scary” ones to your kids to try to make them see that you’re really not so evil?


3 Responses to “Mother Goose Day”

  1. jserra1985 Says:

    Who knew Mother Goose had a day? I looked and looked for the nursery rhyme book that I had growing up, after buying no less than 4 new ones, that didnt have a single story that I reconized. After alot of scearching I found it at a thrift shop. Now I’m going to have to read some to Jack after nap time.

  2. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    We actually don’t have a book of nursery rhymes for Ginny yet. How odd is that? I know the one I want too… it’s a Disney version that is almost identical to the one I had as a child.

    I think I will read all of the rhymes to my kids. And we will talk about them. Just like the old fairy tales too. I think there is value in the stories, even if they are a little non-pc or considered scary. I’m not a fan of the dumbed-down versions that exist in our culture now. We need to give kids a little credit. It’s all about being age appropriate and being an involved parent. (IMO)

    • arminta Says:

      OK, you of all people I did not expect to not have a Mother Goose book! (One of ours is a Disney one…)

      I totally agree. I actually read the Hans Christian Andersen version of Hansel and Gretel to Big C recently and my mom was HORRIFIED 🙂 But, I think the kids can handle it. Obviously it’s been around for hundreds of years for a reason…

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