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Sweet Little Man June 10, 2012

Filed under: Baby G — arminta @ 12:52 am

A random little story I want to remember forever…


On Thursday when Lil G was really sick an listless I took him to the doctor’s. While we were in the room waiting, he was laying on me and I thought he was asleep. A baby in a nearby room was getting shots and started crying. G looked up at me and said “Mom-mom baby crying” in the saddest little voice. I said “I know honey, the baby’s getting shots.” He said “Baby sad.” So, I told him “She’ll be OK, shots only hurt for a minute.” To which he responded “I hug it.”


So sweet. Even sick as he was he was worried about the baby and wanted to comfort it.


One Response to “Sweet Little Man”

  1. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    Awwwww… super sweet.

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