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Unmess That Nest July 25, 2012

Filed under: Unmess the Nest — arminta @ 1:21 am

Right, so my embarrassingly messy house is really just part of my embarrassingly messy life. And, I is gonna unmess it! There are several categories that need unmessing:

  • Housekeeping – Duh, keeping the house tidy
  • Cooking – This isn’t really JUST cooking, it’s also food shopping and pantry organization
  • Fitness – This is just moving my ass
  • Personal Care – Broad category for everything from showering to Mommy time
  • The Barbarian Horde – Fun stuff, learning stuff, fun learning stuff, any stuff related to the small people for whom I am responsible

I debated about adding the marriage stuff to this list, but methinks for now it shall remain separate. Hell, who knows, I Unmess the rest of this shit and that just might work itself out.

My goal is to have one or two daily things for each category to get the ball rolling. For instance, I will be making my bed in the morning and showering is going on the daily list. But, the main thing I want to accomplish is to get into the habit of creating work time and “break” time. So, I don’t feel guilty about taking time to write and play. I’m thinking mostly about while the toddlers are napping, because when they are up there’s no such thing as work or break time. It’s all  about damage control…

Anyway, I intend to post more on this topic and hopefully it’ll get to the point where we can all play along together!


2 Responses to “Unmess That Nest”

  1. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    Good for you girl!

    I did something similar a few months ago, and had gotten into a really great routine, but then Mr. Pip arrived and everything went out the window. I’m trying to get back into the pattern I had going, but it’s still a challenge.

    Basically, I had a list for every day of the week. I included everything that needed to get done every day, including things like showering, eating meals, and making the bed. I have one area of house-cleaning on each day. On Sunday nights I would go through my upcoming week and add in any appointments or other projects that I needed to get done. I keep the lists on my computer, so that I’m not reinventing the wheel every week, and I can cross things off using a strikethrough font. I found that when I was really committed to this, I was able to get most of my necessary to do’s done before 10am and then I had the rest of the day to really focus on Ginny and fun stuff.

    I’m hoping your new system works for you and gives you those moments that you need to focus on you and being creative.

  2. glitterandrainbows1 Says:

    I need to unmess as well. Seems like I get the house clean and organized then let it fall apart again. Maybe you’ll motivate me. 🙂

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