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Brain Dump, You’re Welcome! August 24, 2012

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Oh, hi. Yeah, I didn’t forget that I have a blog. I promise. Things has just been, well, cray-cray ‘round here. By cray-cray of course, I mean the normal amount of crazy + I’m lazy Smile


Well, not as much LAZY as getting my arse whipped by this damned RA. Finally on new med’s (I’d like to take a minute to thank my insurance for take 11 weeks to approve my new medicine, ya’ll rock… at sucking!), and Dr. Rheumy promises that one day I’ll wake up “all better” just like how morning sickness goes away all at once. Except for the people for whom it doesn’t work. Four weeks until we find out which camp I’m in. Although, I have been feeling a little better this week. I even cleaned my bedroom.


Also, I wasn’t pregnant, just sick. Also, mono symptoms can apparently come and go for months and feel exactly like the first trimester of pregnancy. Also, I still have mono. So, that’s been like six months now. Yay! Compromised immune systems are awesome!


I should be baking right now, because giant ass cakes don’t bake themselves. But, see previous re: RA & mono… I don’t feel like doing shit.


Pretty jazzed about the big #2 bash! Will post pictures, promise. Maybe even before Christmas.


Saw a marriage counselor today. Am unsure what kind of voo-doo she pulled on me, but, have signed up for 8 more sessions. Maybe things will get better? If not, at least I’ll know I did everything in my power to fix this thing. The ship is sinking ya’ll. But, the right things were said coming out of there, so maybe… Except she’s UBER Christian. Which I think was G’s plan when he picked her. But, when I told her where I was with god and why I was there, she said “He understands you’re mad at him, tell him that when you pray. Keep praying, just tell him how mad you are, if that’s what you feel.” OK, except, I’m more inclined to believe we are more of a game of Sims left alone too long than anything. But, OK. Oh, yeah, get sucked into that black hole, we play the Sims, but we are Sims, and our Sims play Sims. Am I the only ancient asshole out here that remembers the Sims? Anyhizzle… she had my back re: La Diabla, so that was good.



OK, will write more later. Must sleep.


Bad Case of the Almost Two’s August 18, 2012

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In 10 days I will be the mother of a two year old. (I’ll save all the “why he’s so cool” stuff for the birthday post 🙂 You’re welcome.)


It’s so hard to believe that time has gone this quickly. I am enjoying (a RARE) a moment of quiet while he naps and Daddy is out fishing and I happened to look at the newborn photo’s we have hanging on the wall. I can barely remember those days. Don’t get me wrong, I remember. But, it feels far away and fuzzy, now. Like a movie more than my life. Like high school or childhood or working. I miss that baby and those sweet days.




Two is way more fun! When I pictured having a baby (way back when), the image was always of rocking an infant or going to the zoo with a kid. I can not recall ever once daydreaming about the toddler days. Because, they are supposed to be awful, right? WRONG!


Yes, there is much willfullness and yelling of “No!” Sure, there’s a bit of peeing on the floor and self undressing/constant nudity. I’ll concede that the mess making does get old. But… two is still way more fun than infancy.


Everyday there are new words and new ideas. Watching the little wheels turn and gears click is nothing short of amazing. There is literally NOTHING on the planet like hearing “I love you Mom-Mom” and knowing that he knows what he’s saying. Also, there is nothing on the planet cuter than a nekkid two year old running and laughing through the house. Nothing. Toddler booties are the cutest thing to ever exist. Especially when running.


Toddler bedtime has its challenges (the boy is back in our bed and shows no sign of leaving anytime soon, which is OK by me). But, the laughing and tickling and cuddling and sugars are unreal. Unreal. I let him stay up too late almost every night because it’s just too much fun to tickle and snuggle in the bed. Babies laugh, toddlers crack up.


Meeting the person inside of the baby is so much cooler than I ever imagined it could be. Big C was born old. He never seemed like a baby. That sounds strange, but if you’ve ever been around an old soul baby, you’ll know what I mean. And Lil C wasn’t around us much when he was a baby. So, this is finally a first experience with our own kid. And, like everything about him, it totally rocks socks.