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The Party of the Year September 3, 2012

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The boy is Sesame Street crazy. By which I mean he carries an Oscar the Grouch EVERYWHERE with him and talks about the characters as if they were his real friends. I had the same kind of attachment to Star Wars when I was little, so I get it. Anyhoo… we were looking on Pinterest one day a few months ago and saw a cake, which he immediately threw a fit for and wanted “right now!” Obviously, it would become the inspiration for the party.


The one on Pinterest was all fondant (eww), so this is my buttercream take on it. Also, the eyes got jacked during transit 😦


Other Pinterest inspired food items:

Oscar Veggie Tray

Elmo Fruit Tray

Elmo Fruit Tray


Of course, Mom-Mom went all kinds of crafty nuts on the decorations:

Happy Birthday Banner

You know I went pom-pom cray-cray.

New this year: used left over invitations in the decor.


I didn’t make EVERYTHING myself. I did order this game from Etsy (FYI, I highly recommend Crafts by Jillian for all of your party decor needs iffins you aren’t the DIY type):

We were supposed to be pinning the nose on Elmo, but the boy became distracted…


OK, here are some pics of people having fun! You will notice precious few balloons in these pictures. This is not because we are cheap or did not plan for balloons. It is because there is a national helium shortage, and the one place we found with helium had a complete asshat working balloons that day and our ordered and prepaid balloons were not ready (obviously, we were refunded and given a credit for our next balloon purchase which is why I’m not naming names…). Thank goodness my aunt brought some attached to presents.

Ladybug knocked Elmo down

Lil C ate Elmo’s nose.

Cousins helped open presents.

I snuggled Ladybug.

The candle was blown out!

Talkin’ two year old business.

Paw-Paw schooled this chilluns in some b-ball.


Then we all went home and slept for four days, and when we woke up I was already planning next years party, because I am insane.


There you go, now you can say you were at the party of the year!













2 Responses to “The Party of the Year”

  1. adhager88 Says:

    I LOVE that cake!!!!! did you make it?

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