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Lowered Messspectations October 30, 2012

Filed under: Baby G,Expanding Their Minds,Ladybug — arminta @ 1:42 pm

Recently the toddlers discovered the joys of finger paint. Of course, I know it was going to get messy. Here is the messpectation set by Crayola:

Unrealistically low, no? I knew it was going to be messier than that! But, we started off in pretty clean territory.
Then a certain little princess who shall remain nameless decided to take things up a notch…
Why, yes, she IS rubbing red pain into her hair like shampoo…
The boy? Not so much…
He thought he wanted to do a hand print, until the paint was on his hand, then he just wanted it off.
I talked him into doing a hand print anyway.

What was our little mess maker up to?

Her shoulders. She was up to her shoulders in paint.
Then she decided to make a hand print on the boy:
Game Over

And we had seconds to make it to the tub before reaching Defcon 4.


2 Responses to “Lowered Messspectations”

  1. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    Hey… I tried to comment on this when you first posted, but WP isn’t giving me much love these days. Grrr.

    But I have to say, you are a brave woman to allow fingerpaints already! 🙂 And this post gave me a serious case of the giggles. I sooooo know that look on Lil G’s face… Ginny makes it when I try to jumble up any toys she’s ‘organized’.

    • arminta Says:

      Please notice how they were stripped to their undies and the table was covered in paper… even still, I had to spot clean the floor and curtains afterward. It was worth it, though, they had fun and we now have original artwork for the fridge. I call this “home school” to appease the husbandly person, though 🙂

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