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First World Problems December 23, 2012

Filed under: Family — arminta @ 12:48 pm

So, you guys know I’m a gifter. I LOVE giving gifts. I really do. To me there is little better than watching someone open a gift that you picked/made especially for them and seeing how much they love it. Sure, sometimes I don’t hit my target (Big C), and recently I haven’t really been able to afford to buy gifts for everyone I’d like to. But, I still consider myself a gifter, because if money were no object, I’d be making and buying shit ALL.of.the.TIME.


Because that is my nature it kind of bothers me when people who DO have lots of money are so grinchy. When I hear things like “oh they’re babies, they don’t really care about who gets more presents” or “I gave her an unexpected gift in the last 30 days, so I’m counting that towards Christmas” it just rankles me. Not because I think anyone is obligated to give presents, or because people don’t have the right to spend however they see fit, but because of the attitude. It seems like the attitude is more focused on the giver than the recipient. So, why bother giving gifts at all if it isn’t about the recipient? If your heart isn’t in it and your motivation isn’t bringing joy to someone, why do it?


That’s just me, expressing a little irk… I do realize, of course, that this little irritation is about as first world as they come. And, now that I’ve gotten it out am over it 🙂


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