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Things to Never Forget: I Wuv You January 12, 2013

Filed under: Baby G,We're parents? — arminta @ 2:53 am

Last night my little family went shopping. I was perusing the lingerie department for a 50DDD bra (I will find one eventually!) while the boys were trying on sunglasses. As I hunted and pecked I heard the most awesome wonderful voice call out from nearly across the store “Mom-Mom I wuv you!” I called back “I love you, too, Buddy!” he replied “Wuv you more, Mommy! Wuv you the most!”

Undoubtedly his Daddy was feeding him words. No matter, it was still so sweet.


2 Responses to “Things to Never Forget: I Wuv You”

  1. Rachael Says:

    How sweet! I wish I had written down things like that for my two.

  2. jserra1985 Says:

    AWWWWW! You have a sweet little man there. I just got around to catching up on some blogs. 🙂

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