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Dinner Was Great… For Me to Piss On February 26, 2013

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Today was a meh kind of day. My RA has been sucking balls and since the new treatment last week I’ve been running fevers off and on, so energy low + pain high + fighting kids + dramz and woe with the new insurance + OMG they want dinner again?!?!?!?! = My Day. With all of that going on I really didn’t enforce the new “underwear” rule all day (or any other rule if we’re being honest… actually, we watched movies all day and had a picnic in bed).


** Side Note: These two children love to be naked. Not since Big C have I seen a kid who enjoys nudity so much. As you may well know, I am pretty chill about things. Obviously, if it’s cold or we’re leaving or having company, I make them put on clothes, but otherwise I had been letting them decide to get dressed (or undressed) or not. Seems a small thing to me and it’s really important to them. But recently, someone became a little too interested in his business for Mom-Mom’s comfort. By which I mean WAY TOO interested in his parts, to the point of always having a hand in the cookie jar and having the *ahem* proof sticking out at full attention. So, I made a rule that we wear underwear all of the time now. Chill, though I may be, baby boners give me the creeps, ya’ll. **


But, I did get off of my arse and make dinner. It seemed kind of important… nutrition and family time and all that jazz. I wanted chili, Lil G wanted pesto. So, I compromised and made a new recipe and it was AWESOME. Everyone loved it. Seriously. Lil G loved it so much he peed. All over his plate, and the dinner table in general. Of course, had I enforced the underwear rule no one’s dinner would have been ruined by this unfortunate accident timing. The icing? After he was done he looks at me and says “That wasn’t cool, Mom, clean it up!” As if I were the one that just pissed all over dinner.

The plate of doom. Thankfully the cukes, some of the quinoa, chickpeas and broccoli had been eaten before the plate had to be pitched.

* Also, no, he does not eat that much. I offer way more than I expect him to eat.


Minta’s Pesto Quinoa & Chickpeas

serves 4 (generously)

– 1 cup plain Quinoa (rinsed)

– 2 cups chicken broth (or 1 can if that’s what you’re into)

– 1 small jar Pesto

– 2 TBS olive oil (divided)

– 3 cups diced mirepoix (mine comes frozen in a bag from Kroger)

– 1 can Diced Tomatoes

– 1 can Chickpeas

– 2 tsp Garlic Powder

– 1 tsp Italian Seasoning

– 1 tsp Onion Powder


1) Cook quinoa in chicken broth and 2 Tbs pesto. I use my rice cooker for this step, you can cook quinoa on the stovetop, too. (Boil broth, add quinoa, simmer 15 minutes, remove from heat, fluff with fork)

2) In 12″ saute pan, heat remaining 2 Tbs EVOO over med heat. Saute mirepoix 5 minutes, or until carrots are crisp tender. Add spices, 1/4 cup pesto, chickpeas and tomatoes. Heat through.

Mirepoix and chickpeas

3) When quinoa is done cooking, stir it into the chickpea mixture.

4) Serve topped with 1 Tbs pesto.

My actual dinner. Notice how I didn’t mix the quinoa and beans? Mistake!


Shh… don’t tell anyone, but this is really just beans and rice with quinoa instead of rice and Italian flavors instead of Cajun.


Sunday Night Chit Chat February 25, 2013

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I have read other’s Sunday Night Chit Chat posts over the last few months and have wanted to participate, but haven’t for some reason or other. Tonight I find myself with time for blogging, so I figured, hey this might be a good time to join in!

I did start a new RA med this week, so I’m excited to see if it will help. If not, we’re kind of at the end of the line for “safe” treatments and might have to go back on methotrexate 😦

What are you…

Reading? I just finished The Hangman’s Daughter last night and am looking for a new book. I have the hardest time being satisfied by books these days. They all seem poorly planned or something. Like the idea was there but the execution wasn’t…

Watching? After the G’s go to bed I’ll try to catch the encore of The Walking Dead.

Listening to? Lion King playing in the living room. Yes, Lil G is still up, he’s allergic to sleep, you know.

Cooking/Baking? My brother cooked dinner tonight for my oldest nephew’s birthday. Tomorrow I’ll be roasting a chicken, though.

Happy you accomplished this week? Got my tomatoes, peppers and herbs started!

Looking forward to next week? Not sure, yet. I need to find something. It will be one week closer to Mom’s visit!

Thankful for today? Spring being on the way, a sweet little boy who calls me Mom, family that doesn’t drift even though our matriarch moved away, the back lighting on my new laptop’s keyboard.

Bonus question: What item is currently on the *TOP* of your wish list right now? A car! Good gravy I want a car so bad. It’s HARD being at home with littles and no vehicle.

Ok.. it’s your turn!

  • Reading?
  • Watching?
  • Listening to?
  • Cooking/Baking?
  • Happy you accomplished this week?
  • Looking forward to next week?
  • Thankful for today?
  • Bonus question: What item is currently at the *TOP* of your wish list right now?

Is Back February 24, 2013

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OK, yet another new laptop is here. Let’s hope this one can stay in one piece, eh?


I have thought of lots of fun stuff to write about during my long and involuntary hiatus. None of which have I actually written, yet, but I am spending the day tomorrow with my Mamaw, so there should be some time for writing. Assuming she’s having a good day and recognizes me and all that.


Thanks to the peeps who responded to the testing post. I may do some quickie posts from the WordPress Kindle app in future, but honestly, I hate typing on those on-screen keyboards. I got a Blackberry style Droid recently, just so I could have proper keys. Oh, and I am finally amongst the ranks of smartphone owners. Because? It was cheaper than the house phone and the minute phone, finally! Yay! I’m pretty jazzed about it, except the part where the phone gets shite reception in my house. But, am working with carrier on that one.


Here, so you don’t feel like I’m being a complete waste…

Science is fun, also, I’m a big boy that talks and uses the toilet and does science experiments and there are no babies in this house.


Testing February 20, 2013

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I am attempting to blog from my Kindle… Why? Ladybug, of course. I had  BAD ra day a couple of weeks ago. Like, walking was an issue bad, and thought a long, hot shower would help. She decided my laptop needed a shower, too. Getting it repaired/replaced has been fun, because I was rung up with the wrong warranty. All will be well, it’s just taking time.