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Is Back February 24, 2013

Filed under: Baby G,Blogging — arminta @ 2:46 am

OK, yet another new laptop is here. Let’s hope this one can stay in one piece, eh?


I have thought of lots of fun stuff to write about during my long and involuntary hiatus. None of which have I actually written, yet, but I am spending the day tomorrow with my Mamaw, so there should be some time for writing. Assuming she’s having a good day and recognizes me and all that.


Thanks to the peeps who responded to the testing post. I may do some quickie posts from the WordPress Kindle app in future, but honestly, I hate typing on those on-screen keyboards. I got a Blackberry style Droid recently, just so I could have proper keys. Oh, and I am finally amongst the ranks of smartphone owners. Because? It was cheaper than the house phone and the minute phone, finally! Yay! I’m pretty jazzed about it, except the part where the phone gets shite reception in my house. But, am working with carrier on that one.


Here, so you don’t feel like I’m being a complete waste…

Science is fun, also, I’m a big boy that talks and uses the toilet and does science experiments and there are no babies in this house.


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