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She’s So Pretty March 4, 2013

Filed under: Baby G,We're parents? — arminta @ 10:00 am

My boy has long hair. I just can’t bear to chop off those curls. I mean seriously…


Plus? He loves his “yellow hair.” He’s very proud of it and talks about it almost daily. True, he does hate having it brushed or washed (both tasks would be easier with a haircut), but he loves his hair.


Recently, though we’ve been getting lots of people calling him “her” and that is bugging me. Not to any extreme amount, or anything, but enough to bitch about it. See, thing is, I don’t buy into the whole gender roles thing. I think kids should be who they are. That said, most boys will naturally mostly gravitate toward things that society associates with boys. There’s a reason society has made that association, after all. The same holds true for girls. Most girls will naturally gravitate towards mostly “girlish” interests. Over time. Some boys like trucks and baby dolls, for that matter so do some girls (Ladybug is currently the only child in our family that plays with the car ramp on a regular basis). Some girls prefer blue and brown to pink and purple. That’s OK. I’m all for individuality. Tu-tus and Superman shirts, Darth Vadar and baby dolls. Whatever makes the kid happy.


That said, I buy my kid “boy’ish” clothes. Because that’s what I like on him. If he were to specifically ask for a pink shirt, I’d buy it and let him wear it. But, he doesn’t ask for pink. When he asks for anything at all, it’s Hulk or Star Wars. (He really doesn’t care that much about his clothes, though, he’d rather be naked.)


This is why I’m confused and irritated with all of the “she’s so pretty” comments. Typically, my kid is wearing blue, brown, red or green. Always, he’s always those colors. He has a deep little voice (for a toddler). He refers to himself in the third person (when not referring to himself as “mine”), and his name is NOT ambiguous. The absolute ONLY characteristic people could be using to make the determination that he is female is the length of his hair. Which, is a terrible indicator of gender:


None of those people look like a woman to me and all of them have longer hair than Baby G. It occurs to me, though, that Chris Hemsworth, or rather Thor, may be the reason Lil G loves his yellow hair so much. “Mine IS Thor” is a commonly heard phrase around these parts.


Now, the husband is wanting to get the boy’s hair cut (you know to stop him becoming gender confused), and I don’t. I love the curls, he loves his hair and ignorant asshats be damned. Right? Right…?


2 Responses to “She’s So Pretty”

  1. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    I think there are a couple of factors at play here… first, the curls. They are gorgeous! However, most people associate them with girls, not boys. Yes, there are plenty of boys with curly hair, but you don’t often see boys with long curly hair. Second, because he’s still a Little, he still has those wonderfully chubby cheeks and the button nose which, for those who aren’t around the wee-lings a lot, translate as feminine, particularly when combined with the long curly hair.

    Do I think you should cut his hair? Hell no. But if you’re finding that the “she’s so pretty” comments are coming more often, it might be time to consider it, if only to save your sanity.

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