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Rainbow Week March 6, 2013

I am totally in “preschool” mode here. Because? These kids gobble up learning like it’s going out of style. Also? It’s so much fun! This week I decided to theme the whole week and the theme is rainbows. It’s a lead in to spring. Next week will be St. Patty’s Day, then Easter. Even though they will think Easter is over because we are celebrating Easter with Nana this coming Sunday (note to self: buy a ham).

I started the rainbow festivities with yet another Pin: the squishy balloon. The idea was to make a rainbow of squishy balloons, then talk about rainbows while the littles played with their new toys. Ha! Ha-ha-ha! Here are some things I learned about shoving play dough into balloons:

  • It’s hard.
  • Really hard.
  • Especially when you’re trying to stuff more balloons with the kids watching you.

I tried several different methods for getting the play dough into the balloon. (By the way, the following things don’t work: dropping small bits of play dough into a slightly stretched balloon, using a wide mouth vinegar bottle as a funnel, using a baby food jar as a funnel or asking your husband to stop laughing and help photograph the process.) Eventually, I ended up doing a one person version of the method described by the original poster of the squishy balloon. Except, I couldn’t get a whole tub of play dough into each balloon. Other mishaps:

  • My “party pack” of balloons included 0 orange and 3 that were suspiciously condoms colored.
  • Of the six tubs of play dough I bought, 2 were dried out completely when I opened them.
  • My homemade play dough turned into mush at some point since Christmas.

Eventually, though, we ended up with six play dough filled balloons (well, seven if you count my naughty looking condom colored one) in something resembling a rainbow of colors. Of course, I did not get a picture of all of the balloons together, because “I want red!” “That one mine!” “No, Sissy!” I did get a pic of Ladybug lining up the cool end of the spectrum (aka the colors Lil G would let her play with).


And, the whole rainbow/squishy thing was fun for… three minutes? four? It wasn’t long before they started trying to make snowmen from the sacks. Then the snowmen needed snow to play in.


Enter Snow Dough. Snow Dough is baking soda and baby lotion (non-toxic, but not really “edible,” both toddlers declared it “nasty). I don’t really have measurements. Basically, I just squirted some lotion into a bowl then stirred in baking soda until it made a dough that would make a ball. Precise shit, right there.


The snow dough started out being a good idea. But, as they often do, things got really messy, really fast.


Also, it looked a lot like the kids were packing drugs.


It probably would have been easier to have just used condoms…


Oh, and if you decide to do this and you go to the bathroom, you may come back to find your children sledding on the table.


This was Monday morning. I have been asked for more snow dough, I have not been asked if we can get the squishy balloons back out. They did learn that “Red” starts the rainbow, though. So, mission accomplished!


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