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My Boy: Drama Monster March 8, 2013

Filed under: Asstastic Things that I do,Baby G — arminta @ 2:39 pm

You may have caught on from all of the “leopard seal” talk in the last post that the boy is imaginative. That, friends, would be an understatement. An extreme understatement. He comes by it honestly, though. I can remember spending much of my childhood (like from 3-7) pretending that I was Luke Skywalker, our car was the Millenium Falcon and my family members were various other Star Wars characters. If I was alone, then I just imagined all of the characters that I wanted. Yes, I was a weird little kid.


Also, he is most dramatic. Things are important. Sadness is obvious. As is joy. As are all emotions!!!! That, he gets from his Daddy and that clan. They are an emotionally expressive lot. (Unlike the long line of repressed Brits from which I hail.) You rarely have to ask what they’re feeling, it’s pretty much right out there. My son fits right in.


You read that right, imaginative and dramatic. It’s fun. Really. We have tons of fun, going on safari’s and being animals and guarding castles. Because he gets so emotionally invested into his play it’s easy to believe he’s really there. He sees dragons. But, sometimes it’s a little challenging. Like when he’s seriously upset and the reason is “we can’t go diving today” and I can’t figure out if he *really* wants to go diving (how could he possibly, he doesn’t even like getting his hair washed) or if he’s in the middle of a play scene. Or, when to him I’m a mama leopard seal, but to me I’m a person that needs to make dinner before Daddy gets home (have you ever made dinner from the floor? it doesn’t work). Because he’s two. So, *his* reality IS reality. How dare we think otherwise.


That makes it hard to have an asshole for a mom, though… Because conversations like this one are infuriating to him:

Boy: You be a krill and mine eat you like a orca!

His Asshole Mother (aka Me): Orcas don’t eat krill, Bud.

Boy (slightly irritated): Them is called killer whales and whales do eat krill!

Me: Well, they’re called killer whales, but they’re really dolphins. They eat seals and fish and stuff like that.

Boy (highly pissed): THEM DO EAT KRILL!

Me: OK *(under my breath) but, no they don’t*

(Disclaimer: The boy knows killer whales are dolphins and eat penguins and seals, I wasn’t being a dick about something he didn’t know…)


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