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Sunday Night Chit Chat March 25, 2013

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We did our first Skype birthday party with Nana today and it was a hit! Sister and I made food (and I made a kick ass Matilda cake) and everyone ate and had a good time. Even the kiddo’s were well behaved. They enjoyed their second round of Easter, too 🙂 Mamaw was paranoid as usual (she’s fed up, Mrs. Wiccan won’t let her use the phone/the kids visit her/name something), her Alzheimer’s is getting a lot worse… But, she recognized me, I only had to tell her Lil G was a boy once and when Big C told her that he tried to visit her a couple of times last week, but she was asleep, she dropped the topic (sometimes she would argue). We had to leave a little early due to Lil G’s asthma (too many triggers… smoking house (obviously NO ONE smoked while he was there, but they do smoke in the house on the reg) and spraying air freshener literally EVERY TIME someone used the bathroom), and it was a good thing we did. By the time we got home, everyone was stripped and bathed and the boy was asleep it was 8:58pm. We all know The Walking Dead comes on at 9:00pm. So, I got to watch it AND The Talking Dead, so yay!


You would think I’d be sharing a pic of the party I just yammered on about? Nope! Sometimes when it’s yucky outside I let the kids get their “PE” time by jumping off of the furniture, and I love to take action shots…

Daddy moved the crib mattress into the living room to make this activity “safer.” I think it was just an excuse to make it funner.


On to the chat!

What are you…
  1. Reading? I gave up on the ghost-in-law romantic mystery *blech* and am re-reading Timeline, one of my favorite Crichton novels.
  2. Watching? The encore of The Talking Dead 🙂
  3. Listening to? Just the TV, yo.
  4. Cooking/Baking? Today I made a Matilda cake, baked Mac-n-Cheese and some yum-a-lum green beans. This week will be bringing Black Bean Burgers (with homemade buns), and bread and more. Who knows 🙂
  5. Happy you accomplished this week? Yeah, I need to start making goals so I can feel like I accomplished stuff.
  6. Looking forward to next week? Spring finally hitting the Heartland? IDK, my Actemra is tomorrow and that tends to knock me out for a day or two 😦
  7. Thankful for today? Sleeping kid, Skype, my juicer, tramadol, successful IVF for my cousin-in-law
  8. *Bonus Question* What is your absolute favourite dessert? OMGeezle, wrong Q for me, I majored in Culinary Arts with a minor in Bakery Science (no lie, that’s a real thing…) in college. Probably my favorite dessert is Buckeye candies.

Play along?


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