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I Hate Mother’s Day May 12, 2013

You read that correctly. I really do. Why?


  1. It’s too much pressure. First, there’s the pressure to make it a good day for MY mom. Then of course, there’s the MIL to deal with. And my Grandma. Oh, and I have to make sure that *I* at least appear to be having a good day so that G and Lil G feel successful. With all of the pressure to make sure everyone else is having a good Mother’s Day, I’m not having such a relaxing day…
  2. It’s *really* important to my mom. But, she pretends like it isn’t. But, every year she’s all mopey because whatever we did wasn’t enough. So, #1 x 2.
  3. I have 8 dead children and 1 living child. Not such good stats for a mom. Really shitty stats, actually. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all kinds of grateful for Lil G. He’s awesome and I can’t imagine life without him. But, on this day celebrating motherhood, I am inevitably depressed thinking about all of my angels.
  4. It took lots and lots of years to get this one living kid. Most of those years I had dead babies. I really hate when people say things like “Happy second mother’s day” when I have been a mother for years and years.
  5. Much like every other holiday that involves gifts and cards, I am reminded just how little my husband really knows me. He will get me a card from the store that is either sappy/sweet (like the one he bought for his mom) or complimentary in a passive aggressive kind of way (like the one he bought for my mom, which we’re not giving her). The gift will either be an appliance (I’m hoping for a deep fryer if it is…) or a DVD (probably of a movie I only remotely give a shit about). I want jewelry (which we can’t afford) or flowers. Or gardening shit. Or fancy new crochet hooks.
  6. Facebook will be full of stories of other mommies sleeping until noon while their perfect husbands and perfect children cook and clean and give them a perfect day. *Blech* and *barf* I don’t want to hear it and also, I don’t fucking believe it.

So, yeah, I hate Mother’s Day. Let’s please cancel it.


2 Responses to “I Hate Mother’s Day”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Everyone always says it’s the thought that counts…But if the gift shows no thought, then, really, does it count?? We’re poorer than we expected to be this weekend so I only received breakfast in bed—the best gift ever, but my husband was apologetic…It’s better than the usual bath stuff (can’t use, utis) or perfume (never wear it-2 shelves of unopened bottles…)
    I hope that you were able to enjoy part of your day, in spite of your valid reasons for hating it.

    • arminta Says:

      Breakfast in bed works. As long as it’s something you like and you don’t have to clean up the mess πŸ™‚

      My day actually ended up being pretty much as expected. Except, the hubs did only get me a card from the boy and it was funny. So that was good. The whole rest of the day pretty much sucked, though… Oh well, it’s over. Tomorrow’s another day πŸ™‚ and there’s cake. So, you know, that’s good.

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