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Monday Morning Chit Chat March 18, 2013

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I wanted to take part in the Sunday Night Chit Chat again, but my kid is allergic to sleep. So, Monday morning chit chat it is 🙂 Also, someone please help me with some tips for getting this kid to sleep. He sleeps 7-9 hours a day. Naps included. Yawn!

The boy loved having his Nana home for a few days last week. He also loved that balloon. They were like 8 for $1 at Wally World  and were the HIT of the Easter baskets.


What are you…

Reading? A Kindle freebie called Trouble in Mudbug. It is self described as a “romantic ghost-in-law mystery.” It was free, don’t judge…

Watching? Last night’s The Walking Dead as soon as 1) it gets posted online and 2) these hooligans take a nap. But right now it’s “Daniel Tiger Time!!!!”

Listening to? Ladybug scream “It’s Daniel Tiger time!!!!” and the closing credits of Sesame Street.

Cooking/Baking? I made muffins from juice pulp this morning (they were gross, btw), then will be making some soda bread and corned beef & cabbage later. Won’t need bread until Wednesday, probably. The hubs eats a lot less bread when it’s healthy and he has to slice it 😉 Also on the agenda this week are some Thai noodles and big salads. I am so in the mood for spring food. I’m thinking some muchroom/pea risotto (maybe with quinoa instead of rice?) is also in order.

Happy you accomplished this week? I didn’t accomplish a thing this week 😦 Between Mom being here and us having the tummy bug I really just barely kept us all fed and alive. Oh wait, I did juice fast all weekend… we can call that an accomplishment!

Looking forward to next week? Getting back to our schedule, budget and cleaning. I feel out of control when off plan.

Thankful for today? Project Free TV, snuggly babies toddlers, a fridge full of healthy food, heat, spring, my washing machine

*Bonus Question* Do you celebrate St.Patricks day? Usually I make corned beef and cabbage and drink Killian’s with dinner, but we were juice fasting this year. So, we had some green juice and I’m making the traditional meal today.


Ok, your turn!! Play along in the comments or link to your own post here.


  • Reading?
  • Listening to?
  • Cooking/baking?
  • Happy you accomplished this week?
  • Looking forward to next week?
  • Thankful for today?
  • *Bonus Question* Do you celebrate St.Patricks day?
  • Watching?



Sunday Night Chit Chat – Again! March 3, 2013

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Two weeks in a row! I’m so excited!!!

Daddy had a surprise day off last week. We used it to take the littles to the local(‘ish) aquarium. Lil G is obsessed with the ocean and ocean animals. He especially loves arctic animals. So, the penguin exhibit was highly anticipated. As you can see, he had a blast. It took us nearly four hours to make it through. (By contrast, when Big C was this age, he’d zip through in an hour.)


Reading: Believe it or not… I haven’t read much of anything this week. Well, lots of mommy blogs and financial articles, but no books. I did download a Kindle freebie that I plan to start on tonight or tomorrow.

Watching: The boy took a late nap, so I’ll be watching The Walking Dead online tomorrow. All I watch anymore are kids movies and The Walking Dead.

Listening to: Happy Feet and my guys playing Mastermind on the Kindle.

Baking/Cooking: I’ve got lots on the schedule for next week. Dinner rolls (hopefully not burnt this time…), bean burgers (with homemade buns), and peanut sauce are all on the agenda. Peanut Sauce is kind of a specialty of mine.

Happy you accomplished this week: Shopping list and meal plans, cleaning all of the toys from under the living room furniture, cleaning the baseboards in the kitchen and getting the budget back together.

Looking forward to next week: My mom’s coming home on Saturday!!!!! I repeat my mom’s coming home!!!! Only for a couple of days, but I’ve missed her so much! Also, have a plan to get Lil G’s 529 opened (finally) and to get some of our debt moved over to a 0 interest card to pay it off faster.

Thankful for today: My mom will be home in less than a week!!!! I have a home. I have hope. Lately our financial situation has had me feeling very hopeless, but taking action this week has me feeling hopeful again.

BONUS QUESTION: Have you ever left the house in your pj’s? Heck yes, I have! I am kind of famous for hitting the drive through (the person who invented drive through milk is/was a genius!) in pj’s. Also, I don’t think twice about going outside with the kids or getting the mail in my sleeping clothes.


Ok, it’s your turn! 🙂

  • Reading:
  • Watching:
  • Listening to:
  • Baking/Cooking:
  • Happy you accomplished this week:
  • Looking forward to next week:
  • Thankful for today:
  • BONUS QUESTION: Have you ever left the house in your pj’s?

After you write your post head over to here and put your link in the comments, or just play along in the comments (here or there).


Sunday Night Chit Chat February 25, 2013

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I have read other’s Sunday Night Chit Chat posts over the last few months and have wanted to participate, but haven’t for some reason or other. Tonight I find myself with time for blogging, so I figured, hey this might be a good time to join in!

I did start a new RA med this week, so I’m excited to see if it will help. If not, we’re kind of at the end of the line for “safe” treatments and might have to go back on methotrexate 😦

What are you…

Reading? I just finished The Hangman’s Daughter last night and am looking for a new book. I have the hardest time being satisfied by books these days. They all seem poorly planned or something. Like the idea was there but the execution wasn’t…

Watching? After the G’s go to bed I’ll try to catch the encore of The Walking Dead.

Listening to? Lion King playing in the living room. Yes, Lil G is still up, he’s allergic to sleep, you know.

Cooking/Baking? My brother cooked dinner tonight for my oldest nephew’s birthday. Tomorrow I’ll be roasting a chicken, though.

Happy you accomplished this week? Got my tomatoes, peppers and herbs started!

Looking forward to next week? Not sure, yet. I need to find something. It will be one week closer to Mom’s visit!

Thankful for today? Spring being on the way, a sweet little boy who calls me Mom, family that doesn’t drift even though our matriarch moved away, the back lighting on my new laptop’s keyboard.

Bonus question: What item is currently on the *TOP* of your wish list right now? A car! Good gravy I want a car so bad. It’s HARD being at home with littles and no vehicle.

Ok.. it’s your turn!

  • Reading?
  • Watching?
  • Listening to?
  • Cooking/Baking?
  • Happy you accomplished this week?
  • Looking forward to next week?
  • Thankful for today?
  • Bonus question: What item is currently at the *TOP* of your wish list right now?

Is Back February 24, 2013

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OK, yet another new laptop is here. Let’s hope this one can stay in one piece, eh?


I have thought of lots of fun stuff to write about during my long and involuntary hiatus. None of which have I actually written, yet, but I am spending the day tomorrow with my Mamaw, so there should be some time for writing. Assuming she’s having a good day and recognizes me and all that.


Thanks to the peeps who responded to the testing post. I may do some quickie posts from the WordPress Kindle app in future, but honestly, I hate typing on those on-screen keyboards. I got a Blackberry style Droid recently, just so I could have proper keys. Oh, and I am finally amongst the ranks of smartphone owners. Because? It was cheaper than the house phone and the minute phone, finally! Yay! I’m pretty jazzed about it, except the part where the phone gets shite reception in my house. But, am working with carrier on that one.


Here, so you don’t feel like I’m being a complete waste…

Science is fun, also, I’m a big boy that talks and uses the toilet and does science experiments and there are no babies in this house.


Ideas: Check December 30, 2012

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Everyday I have little snippets of ideas that cause me to think “that would be a good blog post.” Every night by the time I can actually sit down and write I cannot for the life of me remember any of them. I’m about to start resorting to writing them on my arms. But, then how will I justify telling the kids “we only write on paper” 943 times a day?


Here are some of the things I THINK I was going to write about today, though…

  • My husband is in dire need of something new to fret over. Give me some suggestions. When we were dating he was constantly worried that I was pregnant (hah!). Then he spent a few years obsessing of his own health (cancer scares were a weekly thing for us, then). Next was the infertility anxiety, which coupled itself with money stress. Luckily, he took a small hiatus from the crazy train after Baby G was born and those were good months. Now, however, he has moved on to Baby G’s health. It is driving me mad. He wants to wake the baby and take him to the ER every.single.night. because he does shit like roll over and breath differently at different times. When I’m not talking him out of a late night ER run, I’m having to explain that he doesn’t need albuterol for every cough and reassure him that the baby does not have lead poisoning or autism. (Please don’t think I’m making fun of the unfortunate families who are actually dealing with any of these very real issues, this is actually VERY serious.) It’s not a Munchausen by Proxy situation, he isn’t trying to fool or trick anyone. It’s more Hypochondria by Proxy, as he genuinely believes all of these things. So, anyway, I need something new for him to fret and fuss and hyper-analyze, because I’m fairly certain that all of this anxiety over his (generally good, save a little asthma) health isn’t good for Baby G. Or my marriage.
  • My Mamaw’s dementia is getting much, much worse. We had Christmas for her over there today and it weren’t pretty. On the other hand, all of her delusions would make for a very interesting novel. Also, just a quick little piece of advice for anyone who may be dealing with a loved one with dementia… if they speak of someone in the present tense, that person IS ALIVE (regardless of whether they’ve been dead 10 years or not). They got to forget that the love of their life died, even if only for a day. There’s not need to upset them and make them live that loss again. (Can you tell that someone made the mistake of telling her my Papaw was dead when she asked about him accused him of having a girlfriend?)
  • I’m pretty sure toy makers know that they’re making toys for parents, not kids. And also, the castle Baby G got for Christmas is Suh-Wheat! And also, I’ve spent a lot of time playing castle over the past week 🙂
  • Remind me sometime to tell you why I don’t take the kids out as much as I’d like to…
  • Crafts ‘n Shit: I made some really cool canvases for Christmas. Of course, I took 0 photos of the process, but I was totally going to tell you all about it.
  • Debating about closing the Etsy shop, or at least not selling finished goods anymore. Not that ya’ll care, but this kind of is my diary/journal.
  • Who gives a shit what people thought 100 years ago? (In response to all of these “the perfect woman in 1912/1913” essays floating about the interwebs.)

I don’t even remember the point/punchline to the castle one. It wasn’t just selling the castle. Although, should Fisher Price like to pay me, I’d be more than glad to endorse it, because it is freaking awesome.


See, I told you I have lots of ideas… Maybe one day I’ll form one of them into a topical post.


I’m Baaaack December 10, 2012

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OK, so like an hour ago I got on hear to remind myself that I had a blog. Then, I had to read through older posts and wonder who was that hilarious genius who’s been writing for me (then I found all the “oh my life is spiraling out of control and I’m a loser” posts and realized it was me all along). Then! I had to read some comments, because who doesn’t like those… Then!! I had to click links and catch up on people because, well, I’s been without a computer for a little bit. Then!!! I found this wonderful news posted by the lovely Meg.

Now, all that shit I was going to tell you about just doesn’t seem so important.

(Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still tell you, but later… because right now, I just can’t stop smiling!)


Festering Black Hole of Negativity September 26, 2012

Ya’ll, I’m sorry that you only get to hear the bitching and whining (mostly) and that I’ve been a piss poor commenter lately. Where have I heard that before? Oh, right, my every single post for the last year! Good fucking grief.


I don’t know what I was thinking taking on nanny’ing and a small business and being home full time. I must have been out of my damned mind. I mean, for real. I feel pulled in every which direction, am frazzled and bitchy by 5pm every day (am I maybe tired from staying up all night? you, voice, can feel free to shut the fuck up!) and never feel like anything gets done. I make a list, I blow it off. Am.Lazy.


But, I’m not. I don’t feel like I get a break, ever. So, I guess, all of my dicking around and blowing off my list is my way of getting a break? But it doesn’t work. Sometimes I think life would be so much easier if I just got a job. But, I’d miss my little man too much. Plus, the whole point of staying home was to raise him up right and that job isn’t nearly done.


So, you want a little bullety synopsis of what’s up?

  • Nanny life: My sister, the ever game player, has been telling her kids that they’re going to daycare. She has not told me this. She did recently ask me to reduce my rate because the boys were in school now. I had to remind her that 1) I didn’t raise the rate this summer or last when I had Big C all day, so why would losing Lil C for a couple of hours a day warrant a rate change? and 2) I now have to drive to get the boys everyday which costs gas money and is an added expense due to their going back to school, also 3) the new school schedule completely fucked the babies nap schedule so I now get 0 time without at least one baby. To which she immediately began going on about how broke she is and how my husband makes more than she does. What the fuck does that have to do with anything? I wish that I was in the position to be able to watch the kids for free, but I’m not. That money is our grocery/household money. It feeds and diapers HER kids. So frustrating.
  • Also, Big C recently told me that his mother told him that I tried to “take him away from her” and that’s why they have to keep secrets from me. Oh my fucking god! There’s a big ass can of worms. For the record… I did see an attorney to determine how to best handle custody and substance abuse issues. A long time ago. When it was clearly an issue. I told her then that I didn’t want her kids, I wanted HER to want her kids. I told him “Your mom was not well back then and I took measures to be sure you’d be with family and not separated from your brother, no matter what. I’m very disappointed that she would bring that up to you.” If it gets brought up again, there’s no guarantee I won’t tell him the whole fucking truth.
  • As if that wasn’t enough, his ADHD/ODD is out of control. Probably partially due to the fact that his “dad” is talking about getting married. Partially due to the fact that his mom is playing crazy mind games. And, a lot to do with new school year/new school stresses. I have said umpteen trillion times that I’d take him to some kind of sport/class to help with discipline and with getting him into someone else’s hair. My mom has offered to pay for such activity. He has not been enrolled. He also has yet to see a behavioral therapist because “a girl a work has similar issues with her kid and a therapist didn’t help them.” So, why bother doing what’s best for your kid, right? I mean kid”S” because his bullshit stresses the other kids, too.
  • You know what else? My MIL is a bitch. Not new news, I know. This psycho actually called my husband and offered him $1k out of nowhere today. Because money is the key to making up for being a family wrecking bitch? Oh, wait, no, that’s a sincere apology, and actually feeling remorse for being such an evil, nasty, mean spirited, ignorant, crazy bitch. #NeverGonnaHappen.
  • But, here’s something that did happen… for some unknown reason my husband felt the need to tell this insane person that he wasn’t “allowed” to talk to her anymore because the therapist and I said so. Un-motherfucking-believable. Grow a pair of goddamned balls. No mention of his decisions. No mention of the umpteen million times I’ve said “you are a grown up and can make your own decisions, but, my son will not have a relationship with her unless she agrees to family counseling.” Which, personally, I think is pretty damned reasonable. No, he just throws me under the bus, again.
  • The counseling is a bit mixed. She’s spending a lot of time on teaching biblical marriage principles. Which, OK, fine. I mean the top thing she keeps talking about is “protection” and he threw me to fucking wolves just this week, so I’m starting to think this is a waste of money and time. Use the “talking stick” and you’ll never fight again… follow the bible and your marriage will be awesome. Whatever… Seriously, here’s how the issues stack up. His w/ me: I sometimes let the baby play with things he probably shouldn’t, I don’t keep the house as clean as we’d both like and I don’t like giving blow jobs all of the time. Mine w/ him: He doesn’t stand up for our family in a mature way with people who are attacking us, he treats me like the help, he hovers over me second guessing my every decision related to the baby, he spends WAY too much money and I’m left to pick up the pieces and the list goes on. There has been “some” improvement since counseling started, but none in the most major of issues.
  • My kid won’t pull down his pants and piss in the potty. Even for chocolate. Oh, he’ll go if he’s nude, but cover up that bird and he pisses every where.
  • I’m broke. Not BROKE, but “broke.”
  • My RA is crazy. Which is probably the catalyst for the depression and bitching. I actually found something that helps. But… it makes me sleepy for days. And, G bitches whenever I take it. Also, I don’t like the way it makes me feel (well, I like the longer term feeling, but the immediate feeling is to intense for me). So, I is screwed.
  • The icing: G asks me the other day “are we going to have another baby or what?” No, I’m not kidding.