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Levels Dropping August 27, 2009

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Spoke to nurse.


Expecting blood this weekend.


There will be no spring baby for me.


So. Fucking.Done.


I Give Up

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Maybe not forever, but at least for today.


I’m tired of the roller coaster.


Positive, negative, positive, negative… wait for the nurse, wait for the doctor, wait for blood.


Things are not going well. Will give details after talking to RE. But right now, I am so fucking over this. Screw having babies, or fulfilling dreams or not having a hollow meaningless existence, this is worse.


It’s back August 25, 2009

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The shadow line that is. Very light, truly a shadow line. I’m sure that G wouldn’t really see it. But it’s there. It definitely wasn’t yesterday. I’m calling this a “BFP, pending bloodwork confirmation” or BFP-PBWC for short.


So it would seem for the second time this year. For the sixth time in my life. I am pregnant. It would seem. For obvious reasons (i.e. the five previous pregnancies that failed to procduce a live baybee) I’m not as overjoyed as I was last time. As I’ve mentioned before, I feel like my innocence has been ruined. I got it back when we switched to a new doctor with a new fancy protocol that included semi-daily shots! (that’s twice a day, not once, but twice I get to stick a needle in my belly and feel the burn of Heparin) I was too hopeful. So, now my hope is tempered with the knowledge that even fancy new doctors with fancy new protocols can let me down.


Or rather, I let them down. This works for many other women, that’s why they’re having me follow it.


At any rate, I’m hoping that no one lets anyone down this time. I’m hoping for a bring home baybee in early May (or late April). A spring baby. Please, please let me have my spring baby.


11 dpo: Crazies in Full Effect August 24, 2009

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The weekend has past, and it seems the booster shot finally has, too. Today’s test was negative after two hours, so I’ll assume it still will be when I get home. It was very faint yesterday, lighter than the shadow from Saturday. I’m also feeling less ass dragging, nearly dead tired. Also, indicative of less HCG in my system.


So, at this point I had already tested positive with Blueberry Bean. This, of course, means nothing. I’m 11dpo at most, which is still technically too soon. I was hoping for a negative so that I’d know for sure if my positive was real. I keep telling myself these things so I don’t cry and lose it in despair. There’s nothing more professional than crying in your office all day.


This weekend was almost “symptom” free. Which makes perfect sense seeing how the tests were so light & hcg causes the symptoms. Hcg drops, symptoms drop. Makes perfect sense. Today, I’m tired and nauseous, but NOTHING like last week. Fertility Friend is still sitting pretty at 92%. I’m feeling much less optimistic.


9 DPO: I HATE WAITING August 22, 2009

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Right, so the test that I thought looked negative at 6am yesterday, was all kinds of positive when I got home last night. Methinks I was a little hasty in declaring the Ovidrel out of my system. The positive on the test this morning was soooo faint that G didn’t even see it. He thinks I’m a little crazy with the test interpretation. But, I tell you the truth I could still see that barely there line. Like a pink shadow, taunting me. It said (after G left the room, so I’d have no witnesses, bitch!) “Am I real, or am I Ovidrel? I could be real, because I’m so faint.” I told it to shut the fuck up and quit making me crazy.


But, today is 9 dpo. My positive with Blueberry Bean was 10dpo. It was on a Saturday morning. It feels like a million years ago and also yesterday. So strange. But, I’m tore up over this shadow line from today, because had I tested on 9 dpo with BB, maybe I would have seen the same type of shadow line. Maybe it’s real. Maybe it doesn’t matter, it’s too soon and I need to quit being so neurotic.


I did promise not to be so neurotic this cycle, and here I am sign hunting, waffling about whether or not my shadow line is real or drugs. Someone please come slap me ’round the face so I can get my bearings back.


OK, I give up. I’m going to go bake for several hours until I feel fatter, but less insane.


P.S. The most accurate pregnancy test in the world, the Fertility Friend Pregnancy Predictometer Extraordinaire says: 92%. Bitch!


And the survey says August 21, 2009

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I was at 92% on 10dpo with Blueberry Bean. Today is 8dpo.


I almost (but so not really) wish that I’m not pregnant, just so I can tell Fertility Friend to suck it. In reality I’d rather be pregnant than prove FF wrong, but you know what I mean.


Other poorly organized randomness (so tired…):

 – I am the tired.

 – I am the grouchy.

 – I am pissed about comment the hubs made at lunch.

 – I am zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

 – Sorry about that

 – What was I saying?

 – It couldn’t have been important anyway.

 – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Progesterone Results August 20, 2009

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My progesterone level is only 24. So, it’s within the range that says I definitely ovulated. It was 80 at this point with Blueberry Bean. Obviously, since that ended badly, I shouldn’t be making comparisons, but I am back to thinking even if I am pregnant, I won’t be for long.


I spoke with my favorite nurse Dorinda and she says this is a good number. She says I’ll be calling he rnext week with good news. She is so upbeat. I wish I could just keep her with me all day. Because when her voice isn’t in my ear, I’m resigned to loss.


It’s possible that I’m all gloom and doom because I haven’t slept in the last hour, too, though, so please take with a grain of salt.


And now the real news you’ve all been waiting for… The be all and end all of pregnancy science… The Fertility Friend Pregnancy Predictometer is up to… (wait for it) … … … 82%.