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Proper Potty Training December 30, 2011

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Gee whiz, will this bitch shit up about her kids potty habits?!?!


Probably not…


So, let’s recap the potty progression:

  • First there was cloth, and it was good. First six months (i.e. EBF diet) cloth was A. O. K.
  • Then there was potty & diapers, ala Elimination Communication, and it was also good. It took a lot of work on my part, but, less diapers! We had days with lots of catches and days with very few catches. Overall, it was great, except you know, nekkid booties get cold and Ladybug cannot be trusted to not injure exposed weiners (or hands, or really anything, but Daddy is most worried about injured weiners).
  • Then came sposies and they were easy. Expensive, yes. Gross, hellz yes. But, oh so easy. Too easy.

Now we have a semi-verbal toddler who says words like “pee-pee” and “poop” and “potty” and even phrases like “go potty” and “eww poop.” He says these things at times like when he’s peeing (with or without a diaper on). He even grabs his bird right before peeing if he has a diaper on.


Oh snap! That sounds like potty training readiness queues… So this week, while Ladybug is terrorizing her Daddy’s house, we’ve gone back to diaper free. He is definitely getting the connection between pee-pee and poop and potty. Not necessarily getting the actions together to go to the potty to make potty, but understanding they are related. It’s enough for me.


Now the question is, do we keep it up next week when Ladybug and Little C are back in the house? I’m leaning towards “hell yes.” What think ya’ll? Potty train a 16 month old, or let the signs pass and go back to diapers? If you are potty trainging a young toddler (younger than 24 months), what are you doing and how’s it going?


A List of Not So Random Facts Which May or May Not Be Related to Poop September 30, 2011

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Fact: I hate diapers. I hate the idea of my baby sitting in his own waste. I hate their impact on the planet. I hate how much they cost (cloth costs, too, my water & power bills went down by a noticeable amt when we started using more ‘sposies…). I hate changing them. I hate diapers.

Fact: A toddler will shit wherever he happens to be, with or without a diaper on.

Fact: Even if he happens to be standing right next to his potty chair. That he is capable of getting on and off of on his own.

Fact: Cleaning shit out of the carpet is a great appetite suppressant. Especially if breakfast is apples and nutella.

Fact: I may not hate diapers as much as previously indicated 🙂