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Sunday Night Chit Chat April 22, 2013

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Ghost tree at sunset

It’s time for some Sunday night chit chat! Hop on over to Carla’s to play along.


What are you…

Reading? *Just* started a new book! The One I Left Behind: A Novel by Jennifer McMahon came highly recommended by a girl who took my blood this week. She was reading it when I came into the lab and talked about it the whole time she was taking my blood. So, I have high hopes 🙂 Also, learned you can get free books on the Kindle from the library. Mind = Blown.

Watching? Duck Dynasty is on the TV right now, but I’m not really watching it. I finished the latest season of Parenthood, and am working on Park’s and Rec, now.

Listening to? The TV

Cooking/Baking? Got cheap chicken at the grocery this week, so I cooked and shredded it this morning and made stock. Made buns yesterday. But the big baking project this weekend was the Mudslide Whoopie Pies I made for my cousin’s Girls Night In party last night 🙂 FYI… no baked good can go wrong with three cups of Bailey’s in it!

Happy you accomplished this week? On Tuesday literally *all* of the laundry was done! Of course, all of the laundry soap was gone, too. I also got every surface (I can reach) in my kitchen cleaned off and organized, and got the kids’ art supplies organized.

Looking forward to next week? Tackling the living room!

Thankful for today? Getting closer to vacation, my boy, warm weather

*Bonus Question* Fill in the blank: I am by far the biggest ________ snob! Books. I am so rarely satisfied at the end of a book. For a person that loves bad movies I am a complete snob about books.



Your turn!! 🙂

  • Reading?
  • Listening to?
  • Watching?
  • Cooking/Baking?
  • Happy you accomplished this week?
  • Looking forward to next week?
  • Thankful for today?
  • *Bonus Question* Fill in the blank: I am by far the biggest ________ snob!


Sunday Night Chit Chat April 7, 2013

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Time for more chit chat! If you want to play along, head over to Carla’s and join in.


Playing dino dig OUTSIDE!!!!



What are you…


Still working on Timeline. But, I have a stack of new to me books we picked up for free off of Craigslist waiting in the wings 🙂


With The Walking Dead being over 😦 I’m catching up on other shows on Hulu. Right now I’m working on Season 4 of Parenthood. Not the comedy I was planning on getting into!

Listening to?

The dishwasher


Definitely bread and buns tomorrow. Not sure what dinners are going to be next week, but something with cilantro for sure.

Happy you accomplished this week?

Got the laundry within three loads of being caught up! That’s a big deal. Got other cleaning tasks done, but they have all since been UN-done. Got the last of my seedlings started. I am hoping for LOTS of tomatoes and peppers 🙂 Also, got our “cold” bed planted (peas, carrots, radishes, lettuces, cabbages and broccoli).

Looking forward to next week?

Warm! Ladybug will be back. Starting on my new books.

Thankful for today?

A fantastic weekend with my family.

*Bonus Question* What is your regular day to day “outfit”?

Yoga pants and t-shirts. It’s bad. Really bad.


Ok, your turn!

  • Reading?
  • Watching?
  • Listening to?
  • Cooking/baking?
  • Happy you accomplished this week?
  • Looking forward to next week?
  • Thankful for today?
  • *Bonus Question* What is your regular day to day “outfit”?



Wednesday Morning Chit Chat April 3, 2013

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OK, so I am way late. But, it was the season finale of The Walking Dead on Sunday and that kind of eclipsed everything. By “kind of” I mean “totally.”


This Easter was the first major holiday of his whole life that we didn’t have or at least spend the day with Big C. It was hard. But, we did get to spend a lot of time with Bro C’s girls. It was only the second time I’d seen Baby M.


The Easter Bunny left a basket and a bunch of eggs outside!


Miss H is getting so big.


Baby M doesn’t have a Minta-made hat, yet…


On to the chat!


What are you:

Reading: Still reading Timeline.

Watching: Since The Walking Dead is over (boo!), and I’m all caught up on Dexter and Downton Abbey, methinks I’ll need to find a new show! Maybe a comedy? Suggest something, ya’ll.

Listening to: Snoring

Baking/Cooking: I made cabbage rolls today and they were the bomb! Tomorrow I’m thinking chili and even though lent is over (and I totally don’t participate, anyway) fish and chips are on deck for Friday. At some point this weekend Thai Peanut Noodles will be on the menu, because I heart peanut sauce.

Happy you accomplished this week: Gave the HR department and benefits coordinators at Gar’s work a thrashing re: insurance trying to dictate the boys asthma meds and their completely incompetent response. Accomplished nothing so far, except getting the benefits guy to submit an exception claim for meds we had to pay for out of pocket. Oh, got the cat spayed, finally…

Looking forward to next week: Ladybug coming home! Getting some writing done.

Thankful for today: My boy, bed and jammies

Bonus Question: Do you wear slippers around the house? Nope! I am all kinds of claustrophobic and can’t stand to have my feet covered by anything. Wearing shoes out of the house is even an issue for long periods of time. (I don’t do blankets, either…)


Ok! Your turn!!

  • Reading:
  • Watching:
  • Listening to:
  • Baking/Cooking:
  • Happy you accomplished this week:
  • Looking forward to next week:
  • Thankful for today:
  • Bonus Question: Do you wear slippers around the house?


So, even though this was way wicked late, you can still hop on over to Carla’s and see what everyone is chatting about…


Monday Morning Chit Chat March 18, 2013

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I wanted to take part in the Sunday Night Chit Chat again, but my kid is allergic to sleep. So, Monday morning chit chat it is 🙂 Also, someone please help me with some tips for getting this kid to sleep. He sleeps 7-9 hours a day. Naps included. Yawn!

The boy loved having his Nana home for a few days last week. He also loved that balloon. They were like 8 for $1 at Wally World  and were the HIT of the Easter baskets.


What are you…

Reading? A Kindle freebie called Trouble in Mudbug. It is self described as a “romantic ghost-in-law mystery.” It was free, don’t judge…

Watching? Last night’s The Walking Dead as soon as 1) it gets posted online and 2) these hooligans take a nap. But right now it’s “Daniel Tiger Time!!!!”

Listening to? Ladybug scream “It’s Daniel Tiger time!!!!” and the closing credits of Sesame Street.

Cooking/Baking? I made muffins from juice pulp this morning (they were gross, btw), then will be making some soda bread and corned beef & cabbage later. Won’t need bread until Wednesday, probably. The hubs eats a lot less bread when it’s healthy and he has to slice it 😉 Also on the agenda this week are some Thai noodles and big salads. I am so in the mood for spring food. I’m thinking some muchroom/pea risotto (maybe with quinoa instead of rice?) is also in order.

Happy you accomplished this week? I didn’t accomplish a thing this week 😦 Between Mom being here and us having the tummy bug I really just barely kept us all fed and alive. Oh wait, I did juice fast all weekend… we can call that an accomplishment!

Looking forward to next week? Getting back to our schedule, budget and cleaning. I feel out of control when off plan.

Thankful for today? Project Free TV, snuggly babies toddlers, a fridge full of healthy food, heat, spring, my washing machine

*Bonus Question* Do you celebrate St.Patricks day? Usually I make corned beef and cabbage and drink Killian’s with dinner, but we were juice fasting this year. So, we had some green juice and I’m making the traditional meal today.


Ok, your turn!! Play along in the comments or link to your own post here.


  • Reading?
  • Listening to?
  • Cooking/baking?
  • Happy you accomplished this week?
  • Looking forward to next week?
  • Thankful for today?
  • *Bonus Question* Do you celebrate St.Patricks day?
  • Watching?



Dinner Was Great… For Me to Piss On February 26, 2013

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Today was a meh kind of day. My RA has been sucking balls and since the new treatment last week I’ve been running fevers off and on, so energy low + pain high + fighting kids + dramz and woe with the new insurance + OMG they want dinner again?!?!?!?! = My Day. With all of that going on I really didn’t enforce the new “underwear” rule all day (or any other rule if we’re being honest… actually, we watched movies all day and had a picnic in bed).


** Side Note: These two children love to be naked. Not since Big C have I seen a kid who enjoys nudity so much. As you may well know, I am pretty chill about things. Obviously, if it’s cold or we’re leaving or having company, I make them put on clothes, but otherwise I had been letting them decide to get dressed (or undressed) or not. Seems a small thing to me and it’s really important to them. But recently, someone became a little too interested in his business for Mom-Mom’s comfort. By which I mean WAY TOO interested in his parts, to the point of always having a hand in the cookie jar and having the *ahem* proof sticking out at full attention. So, I made a rule that we wear underwear all of the time now. Chill, though I may be, baby boners give me the creeps, ya’ll. **


But, I did get off of my arse and make dinner. It seemed kind of important… nutrition and family time and all that jazz. I wanted chili, Lil G wanted pesto. So, I compromised and made a new recipe and it was AWESOME. Everyone loved it. Seriously. Lil G loved it so much he peed. All over his plate, and the dinner table in general. Of course, had I enforced the underwear rule no one’s dinner would have been ruined by this unfortunate accident timing. The icing? After he was done he looks at me and says “That wasn’t cool, Mom, clean it up!” As if I were the one that just pissed all over dinner.

The plate of doom. Thankfully the cukes, some of the quinoa, chickpeas and broccoli had been eaten before the plate had to be pitched.

* Also, no, he does not eat that much. I offer way more than I expect him to eat.


Minta’s Pesto Quinoa & Chickpeas

serves 4 (generously)

– 1 cup plain Quinoa (rinsed)

– 2 cups chicken broth (or 1 can if that’s what you’re into)

– 1 small jar Pesto

– 2 TBS olive oil (divided)

– 3 cups diced mirepoix (mine comes frozen in a bag from Kroger)

– 1 can Diced Tomatoes

– 1 can Chickpeas

– 2 tsp Garlic Powder

– 1 tsp Italian Seasoning

– 1 tsp Onion Powder


1) Cook quinoa in chicken broth and 2 Tbs pesto. I use my rice cooker for this step, you can cook quinoa on the stovetop, too. (Boil broth, add quinoa, simmer 15 minutes, remove from heat, fluff with fork)

2) In 12″ saute pan, heat remaining 2 Tbs EVOO over med heat. Saute mirepoix 5 minutes, or until carrots are crisp tender. Add spices, 1/4 cup pesto, chickpeas and tomatoes. Heat through.

Mirepoix and chickpeas

3) When quinoa is done cooking, stir it into the chickpea mixture.

4) Serve topped with 1 Tbs pesto.

My actual dinner. Notice how I didn’t mix the quinoa and beans? Mistake!


Shh… don’t tell anyone, but this is really just beans and rice with quinoa instead of rice and Italian flavors instead of Cajun.